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Uptake’s vision is to create a world that always works: One where people and machines work together to power the world. These are the machines that light our homes, take us to new places, and create more prosperity than ever imagined.Today’s world is data-rich—we know data is vast and valuable, yet most remains untapped. Industrial machines and equipment create billions of data points, and a shocking 1% of those data are actually used.

Uptake sees this as an opportunity to harness unused and unorganized data, make sense of it, and provide insights to heavy industry operators.The Uptake platform ingests data from machines—from sensors, fault codes, and work orders—and applies machine learning (ML) and artifi cial intelligence (AI) to make operational recommendations. We help our customers:

• increase the availability of their assets
• increase the productivity of their assets and people
• analyze the total cost of ownership and fi nancial value of assets and existing business.


Uptake works with industrial businesses across the globe that own and operate heavy equipment, with a specific focus on transportation and fleet, energy, manufacturing, mining, and dealer industries.
For an average heavy duty commercial trucking or vocational vehicle, we can deliver as much as $1,250 per vehicle per year in savings through easily quantifiable reduced maintenance costs, which is about a 3 times return on investment on its own.

We can deliver another $750 per vehicle per year through improved vehicle availability and health, for a combined 5 times return on investment. And by including the value of increased fleet productivity and growth enabled by Uptake, up to a 7 times return on investment can be achieved.

In the rail industry, Uptake has created $160k in value per locomotive per year for our Class 1 North American customer. Here’s how that breaks down: Through predictive maintenance we’ve reduced delay time by 0.5 failures per locomotive per year, resulting in $20k of value per locomotive per year.

In the service facility, we’ve reduced shop time by 10+ days annually, resulting in $80k of value per locomotive per year. In the yard, we reduce train building time by 1+ hour per train, resulting in $60k of value per locomotive per year.

Berkshire Hathaway Energy uses Uptake to reduce unplanned downtime and boost AEP (annual energy production) of their wind farms. Uptake has delivered 1% annual AEP improvement at each wind farm site, which is enough additional energy to power homes in Chicago for one year.This improvement is equivalent to 214.2 million pounds of burned coal or 194,430 metric tons of CO2.


We’re just at the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and there’s a not-so-distant future where AI will permeate all parts of our lives, impacting the way we interact with the world around us. Industrial assets will all be connected, eventually leading to autonomous machinery and vehicles.

This evolution requires operational leaders and frontline workers to not only rethink the systems and tools they use, but the processes they’re putting in place for a prosperous future. Uptake is tailor-made for this future.


Uptake’s Founder and CEO is entrepreneur, Brad Keywell, who has taken on and disrupted massive industries from logistics to e-commerce and beyond. Keywell is a founding investor of Tempus and co-founder of Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, MediaOcean, Drivin, and the Chicago-based venture capital fi rm, Lightbank. Keywell was recently named the 2019 EY World Entrepreneur of the Year™.

MILESTONES & ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Uptake has been recognized for leadership in AI and industrial IoT (IIoT), including:

• World Economic Forum, Technology Pioneer
• CNBC Disruptor 50 (2019, 2018, 2017)
• Forbes Cloud 100 (2019, 2018, 2017)
• Forbes America’s Most Promising Artifi cial Intelligence Companies
• BloombergNEF New Energy PioneerMorgan Scott, Director of Communications

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