An ecosystem linking research through to commercialization, the Integrated Innovation Chain is a driving force in Canada to support organizations in artificial intelligence and quantum technologies.

It allows the development of electronic components (hardware) for artificial intelligence thanks to the synergy of three leaders:
• The Quantum Institute (IQ): experimental research and numerical computing infrastructure dedicated to quantum materials, quantum information and quantum engineering. The Quantum Institute hosts the 1st Espace IBM Q (IBM Q Space) in Canada.
• The Interdisciplinary Institute for Technological Innovation (3IT): collaborative research environment, including in micro and nanotechnologies, hosting scientists and industrials who develop advanced technological solutions.
• The MiQro Innovation Collaboration Center (C2MI): a world-class center that enables the development of technological solutions and the transfer of these achievements into products ready to be marketed.

Special features
• Collaborative environment that allows partners to access multidisciplinary teams and ultra-specialized equipment to meet their needs.
• Since 2010, investments of nearly $ 1B have been made in this ecosystem, 60% of which come from private partners.

Impact in 2019-2020
• 264 industry-university collaborative projects.
• 2155 jobs associated with the development of new products.
• 194 highly qualified people trained in the industrial sector in Quebec.

With its diversified and interdisciplinary ecosystem, the Université de
Sherbrooke (UdeS) and its partner, the CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS, form an
essential hub for health’s digital research.

Vast databases for AI
The Eastern Townships offers deep and extensive of health data that forms the cornerstone for feeding high-performance and sensitive artificial intelligence algorithms.
• The CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS has a a 30-year database drawn from computerized patient records of the complete regional population
• The UdeS is a partner in various health research databases, for example: NuAge Study, Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging, Pediatric Cardiology Studies, Interactive Atlas on Health Inequalities

The UdeS and the CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS are at the heart of breakthroughs in health data science, from collection, storage, and exploitation, to applications, AI, and ethics.

Expertise and research
The Eastern Townships has a rich tradition of digital health research
• Scientists who are experts in data mining and exploitation of health data, being able to integrate them into high-performance biological and statistical models
• An Interdisciplinary Health Informatics Research Center
• Research activities aimed at optimizing patient care: from prevention to cure, from drug discovery to improving the quality and safety of care, in addition to the analysis of environmental and genetic determinants of health

Recognized Leadership
• Funding from the Government of Quebec to build the Precision Medicine and Translational Research Pavilion
• Setting up high-impact partnerships. For example:
• Imagia – Terry Fox Research Institute: Digital Health & Discovery Platform
• Imeka: Design of neuroimaging technologies based on deep learning
• Lumed: Development of the 1st antimicrobial stewardship solution in Canada

Newly created by the Université de Sherbrooke, the non-profit organization PINQ is intended to become a benchmark in digital technology computing infrastructure.

Its mission: to increase collaboration and technology transfer between research and industry, accelerate the digital transformation of companies and train tomorrow’s talent.

Come and realize your collaborative projects!

We welcome your initiatives
• Resulting from a partnership between the industrial and academic worlds
• Aiming to market or industrialize products or services in the near future
• Improving competitiveness or productivity through digital technologies

At your disposal: a unique IT infrastructure
• At state-of-the-art technology to support important performance needs for AI, advanced data analysis, or business solutions
• Using industry standards and based on cloud computing architectures
• Located at the Université de Sherbrooke
• Supported by a team of experts who support you and allow you to innovate


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