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The concept of travelling usually entails embarking in experiences that change the way people see the world. For Unipartner, such evolution is directly connected to innovation and what we can do to make the difference and grow.


For these reasons, Unipartner has invited a group of organizations to participate in Digital Innovation Challenge, an online Hackathon held by Unipartner and Microsoft to improve and accelerate innovation in organizations. By entering the challenge, teams created a solution for a real-life use case of their own organization and the winning team won the implementation of such solution by Unipartner’s innovation consulting services team. In analogy, this innovation journey took the concept of creating a team’s dream trip: each session had a specific theme and objective, corresponding to the many stages of travel planning.


From 2015 to Microsoft’s Partner of the Year
Unipartner was founded by 5 ex-Unisys Directors in 2015, following the reorganization of Unisys’ business. And proceeded to ensure the innovation and continuity of projects and business relationships for a wide number of clients and engagements , mostly in Portugal.

As a systems integrator and consulting company, Unipartner offers advisory and consulting services, application services, cloud and infrastructure services, and managed and outsourcing services. The organization’s team of excellence uses an innovation consulting approach to support large enterprises, the public sector and financial institutions in solving their most demanding IT and business challenges.

As a leading company, Unipartner’s mission is to help clients innovate, evolve continuously and exceed their goals, by accompanying them side-by-side every step of the way, to really help differentiate and transform their business. transform their business.

Due to the nature of the company, there is a wide range of services areas. Among others, Data & AI, Digital Enterprise Management, Customer Experience or even Modern Workplace & Security, that guide towards achieving a successful change management by introducing technologies such as Cloud and Artificial Intelligence in their business processes.


Unipartner has received numerous Microsoft awards – to highlight, the Partner of the Year 2020. This is the highest Microsoft award at national level, and it recognizes the company’s excellence, competency and projects of reference. Besides, the organization currently holds 16 Gold and 1 Silver Microsoft competencies, which identify the excellence and experience of Unipartner´s team, as well as the investment that has been made into its training.

The Unipartner family is supported and incited to develop their technical and behavioral competencies through a training and certification agenda that comprises an annual program designated Your Future is Now. In addition, the organization has an all-year round Academies Program for both students and recent graduates where they can start their careers next to highly qualified professionals.

There is also an overall concern with its people’s wellbeing, which reflects in programs, such as H3O (Happy and Healthy at Home and Office), that encourages them to be the best version of themselves, build a spirit of union and togetherness.


The vision for the future –a culture of continuous learning and internationalization
Unipartner is on a journey for “sustainable growth” and envisions to keep solving real-world problems and fulfi lling people´s lives with digital innovation, knowledge and excellence, whilst committing to promote well-being, social responsibility and sustainability.

The organization plans on keeping providing business-changing solutions to clients, growing side by side with them and investing in its people, new talent and new skills. Besides, it will continue expanding the teams in Lisbon, Madeira (at its Centre of Competencies), and Spain, as a result of new international business. This vision aims to fulfil Unipartner’s mission and prepare the organization for bigger future growths, both nationally and internationally.

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