Reinventing Business Travel

Reinventing business travel in the middle of a crisis wasn’t easy. Being located in Essen, with the bustling international business community of the Port of Antwerp in our backyard, we were in the best position to make it happen. With our team of passionate travel professionals, we immediately realized that there were opportunities here.  With the motto “never waste a good crisis”, a healthy dose of perseverance, and a positive mindset, we got to work and reinvented business travel. Globally, Covid-19 caused an unprecedented decline of more than70% in travel. With the rise of telecommuting and video meetings, business travel seemed doomed but from our years of expertise, we know better. We believe that anyone who claims that business travel has become completely superfluous has probably never made a successful business trip. Building in-person connections is more important than ever.


Online meetings will continue to play an important role during the preparation and handling of the real face-to-face meetings. Business travel will therefore only become more productive and impactful,and we are here to help.

The new normal in (business) travel rests on four pillars: security,digitalization, flexibility and sustainability.

At Uniglobe E-Travel, we aim at helping business travellers become more productive and have an even bigger impact when travelling.

Based on our drive and belief in the resilience of the travel industry,we have continued to develop our vision of adapting business travel to today’s trends.


From our coordination center, we closely monitor all measures surrounding travel so that we can always provide our customers with the most up-to-date information!

We can be reached 24/7 in case of any problems because taking this burden off our customers is our passion!


With Ubi (Uniglobe Booking Intelligence) we offer a state-of-the-art booking tool for small, medium-sized and international companies that want to manage their business travel in a cost-efficient, secure and streamlined way.

Simple bookings can be handled entirely by yourself through the platform, but for more complex matters you can still contact our team. You can also count on extra quality control and advice.


Our customers have a choice of service packages and subscriptions, which can be fully personalized and tailored to your organization.

We take into account the uncertainty that comes with traveling during Covid. For example, don’t pay a subscription when you can’t travel.


We partner with CO2-Logic to offer travel that allows for CO2 compensation. By offsetting CO2 emissions, families in developing countries gain access to energy- saving solutions, renewable energy sources and more importantly, a better future. This is thanks to investments in a social-economic and sustainable development with low CO2 emissions.

With E-Travel, we are ready for the future and eager to support our customers in their success!

Evelyne Schwarzbich, CEO E-Travel

With Ubi, we offer a state-of-the-art reservation tool for small, medium and international companies that want to manage their business travel in a cost-effective, secure and streamlined way.”

- Evelyne Schwarzbich, CEO E-Travel


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