“What if I actually owned my digital games and in-game items?” That’s been the question on most gamers’ minds.

With limited solutions and some gamers resorting to the shady secondhand grey market to make use of their content outside of the game, David Hanson and Nicolas Gilot, Co-CEOs of Ultra, knew something had to be done. They noticed how blockchain technology could revolutionise the games industry and they got to work.

In 2018, Ultra was born, with the mission being to create an abundance of opportunities for gamers and game developers around the world. Ultra aims to move the games and entertainment industry to the next level, by giving gamers the chance to sell, buy, and trade their games assets and providing a fair and equal playing field for everyone to enjoy in Ultra’s world.

Ultra’s ecosystem currently consists of three main apps: The games store, Ultra Games, a native blockchain wallet, Ultra Wallet, and the NFT Marketplace. With their technology constantly being enhanced, the opportunities are endless and more apps will be developed and integrated to mature the ecosystem even further.

Ultra isn’t changing the way gamers play. It’s reshaping the current perception of gaming and providing new solutions so players can interact with their games, in-game items, and the wider ecosystem in the way they’ve always wanted.

Ultra’s key component, a highly specialised NFT standard, opens up the gaming world to a ton of new possibilities. With this technology, Ultra is able to provide players with unprecedented gaming experiences that haven’t been accessible until now.

Tokenized games and in-game assets mean that players around the world can enjoy playing games, with the added opportunity to sell and trade them to others once they’re done. Because these digital assets live on the blockchain, there is an unmatched level of transparency and conditions set by the developers that allow all parties involved to benefit from the firsthand and secondary markets.

Ultra’s ecosystem is designed to reward users for interacting with the platform and they can earn through watching live streams, participating in beta tests, watching ads, and promoting 1 content. Ultra removes the middleman and makes it simple so players and game developers can both be rewarded for their participation and time.

With millions of games to choose from, gamers are spoilt for choice and platforms aren’t doing enough to cater to all developers, whether AAA, AA, or indie.

Ultra is here to change that. Distribution fees on Ultra are at a comparisingly low 12%, giving developers the freedom to spend their time, money, and resources on what matters most: game development and community building. Developers can now break away from the existing monopoly and use Ultra’s tools to gain visibility, earn more from each game, advertise their games effectively, and provide more to their communities.

Developers receive the tools to seamlessly and easily interact with influencers and communities through Ultra’s robust promoter program. No contracts or back and forth is needed, just a hassle-free marketing tool that allows developers to easily promote their games and focus on their community.

Ultra’s SDK helps developers take advantage of blockchain technology and provide more utility in each game they create. Ultra helps developers take advantage of the secondary market and monetize content, even after users have made their initial purchase. Ultra essentially provides developers with an equal playing field and more opportunities than ever to display their games in front of potential players while monetizing their existing content.

Ultra’s blockchain is specifically designed to bring blockchain technology to mainstream gaming and entertainment.

To do so successfully, they’ve made it as simple as possible for players to create blockchain accounts and start using the platform. Users don’t even necessarily notice they’re creating blockchain accounts but can benefit from all that blockchain technology has to offer.

Ultra’s users have the choice of using its utility token, UOS, or fiat money (for example, U.S Dollar, Euro, British Pound) to buy games and NFTs, giving everyone the opportunity to use the platform however they’d like.

Ultra’s blockchain is fee-less, meaning that users around the globe can use UOS for free to buy games on Ultra Games, purchase NFTs on the marketplace, and more. Better yet, Ultra’s blockchain has unprecedented transaction throughput, benchmarked at 12,000 transactions per second.

And last but not least, Ultra’s blockchain is carbon neutral certified, making Ultra one of the only sustainable blockchain projects in the world.

The games industry has always been the first to embrace technological changes and this time it’s no different.

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