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Ultra has been at the forefront of wireless communications technology in Montreal for several decades. It was natural the company would tap into the deep Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) expertise in Montreal, Quebec and apply that knowledge to improve wireless communications for mission-critical networks.


In partnership with local Universities including L’École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) and McGill University, as well as other industry leaders, Ultra led the creation of an independent research organization called the Resilient Machine Learning Institute, or ReMI for short. The ReMI team is comprised of a mix of international PhD, PostDoc, MSc and graduate level students, professors and Ultra engineers.


So, what are mission-critical networks, anyway? There are many examples, however one very important type of mission-critical network is the one public safety, emergency response and military personnel implement when disaster strikes. When networks fail and communications slow to a crawl, so do the critical services that are required to keep people safe. To be able to quickly communicate, specialized equipment must be deployed by trained personnel to re-create the network infrastructure we use every day.


ReMI’s AI/ML technology is working with operators on the frontline to maximize network efficiency by allowing devices to be prioritized, managed and configured intelligently and with minimal user interaction. The technologies Ultra s developing at ReMI go beyond standard network management techniques and provide users the ability to analyze key network data, predict potential failures and apply preventative corrections to guarantee the connectivity of all network elements. The artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies developed will allow networks to self-configure, self-optimize, and self-heal.

The projects the team is working on are truly transformational and will shape the future of how mission-critical networks will operate using AI and ML techniques developed in Montreal, Quebec. Network resiliency using AI/ML technology – Ultra and ReMI are making it happen!

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