Innovative Ordering Solutions

Fast-growing FoodTech company UEAT is revolutionizing the restaurant industry by offering smart, intuitive and easy-to-use digital ordering tools.

Long before Covid-19, the restaurant industry was already facing daunting challenges on a daily basis: slim profit margins, aggressive competition, high employee turnover, and customer loyalty at an all-time low.

In order to simplify life for restaurateurs, we have fuelled our research on artificial intelligence to develop, right here in Quebec, an innovative multi-domain dishes recommending system.

Although recommendation models are well known in retail, the use of such systems in the restaurant industry is completely new.

Our goal was to make artificial-intelligence-based personalization technology accessible to any type of restaurant, whatever the size.

From the start, our official selection at the Espace CDPQ | Axe IA, located in the heart of Mila, the Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute, validated the potential of our applied artificial intelligence project.

For the development of our recommendation models, we continue to collaborate with several research institutes, including CRIM (centre de recherche informatique de Montréal).

Above all, this learning technology allows customers to experience a unique, modern and tailor-made buying experience. Our dish recommendation system predicts a user’s needs based on the following factors: past purchases, contextual information (such as weather and time of day), data associated with a dish, and the similarity between the users.

Our artificial intelligence projects offer customers a host of advantages: optimized overall experience, tailored promotions, diversified, and personalized product offering. For the restaurateur, this translates into higher average bills as well as an increased order frequency; all of which generates more profits in the short term as well as greater customer loyalty in the long term.

Thanks to our research and development, UEAT plays a fundamental role in the restaurant industry, thus becoming a secure and established partner with its customers by providing them with incomparable added value.


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