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Headquartered in Ewing NJ, with offices around the world, Universal Display Corporation (UDC) is lighting up the OLED revolution with its proprietary OLED technology and highly-efficient, high-performing phosphorescent materials.

UDC was founded in 1994 with a vision of creating the next generation of displays, back when TVs were still CRTs (cathode ray tubes). That technology was energy-efficient organic light-emitting diodes, or OLEDs. Fast forward two-and-half decades and we have grown from an R&D start-up to a global leader in the OLED ecosystem.

Today, we work with the largest consumer display panel manufacturers in the world. Our leading-edge technologies and phosphorescent materials can be found in virtually every commercial OLED product, from AR/VR, smartwatches and tablets/laptops, to smartphones and TVs, as well as automotive and  solid-state lighting.

UDC’s mission is to be a key enabler in the OLED industry. We have the innovation, commitment to operational excellence, agility and flexibility, to drive the invention and development of the best OLED technologies and phosphorescent materials for our customers and partners worldwide.

Steve Abramson President & CEO

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