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After decades shipping blockbusters for big players in the video game business such as EA, Ubisoft and Warner Brothers, Typhoon was established with the aim of taking a focused slice of those big projects and distilling them down into smaller, more personal and focused experiences. With an emphasis on strong flavors, intertwined gameplay systems and a focus on collaborative play, Typhoon is dedicated to building games that let players drive the action.

After opening its doors Typhoon has grown quickly to a team of 25 employees, all housed in a single location in the Little Italy neighborhood of Montreal. Capable of taking an idea from conception to completion completely in house, Typhoon employs artists, programmers, designers, animators, audio professionals, producers, and QA to keep control of the game from conception to final delivery.

‘Our goal is to build the kind of games we want to play. We don’t like gimmicks, we don’t chase fads in the market, and we think there are millions of gamers out there who are willing to play for quality, meaningful experiences,’ said Alex Hutchinson. ‘Games have incredible reach currently across gender, age and racial boundaries and we are a long way from finding the true potential of the medium. With Typhoon we have the opportunity to define our own destiny and be part of a future that’s defined by interactivity.’

‘Even better, we can also keep our costs under control, and maintain our commitment to high quality, by eliminating distractions and being laser-focused on our core experience.’ continued Reid Schneider.

Funding has come from several sources, including private investors and an initial seed round from the gaming-focused Venture Capital company MAKERS, which has set the studio up for the long term.

‘In terms of the company itself, there is enough strong technology to license and the talent base is so strong in Montreal, that we believe that over the course of a few games we can eventually build up to a scale that can compete with anybody. Our goal is to stay small, but to make games that are as tight and high quality as anything on the market.’

‘We’re already deep in production on our first game,’ finished Yassine Riahi. ‘We’ve partnered with the publisher 505 Games, and with a release date at the end of 2019 we couldn’t be more excited.’

Alex Hutchinson
Creative Director and Co-Founder. Most recently a Creative Director at Ubisoft Montreal, where he directed Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed 3, his past work includes Spore, The Sims 2 and Army of Two: The 40th Day.

Yassine Riahi
Technical Director and Co-Founder. Prior to Typhoon he helped Rocksteady and WB Games Montreal ship various incantations of the Batman: Arkham franchise, and earlier Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Homefront, and the first two Army of Two titles.

Reid Schneider
Executive Producer and Co-Founder. Prior to Typhoon he co-founded WB Games Montreal where he served as the Exec. Producer on Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham Knight. Other past work includes the first two Army of Two titles, Battlefield Vietnam, and the original Splinter Cell

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