Twinzo was founded in 2020 as a spin-off from INFOTECH. Twinzo fully integrated INFOTECH’s 20 years of experience and know-how associated with the development of custom software solutions, from over more than 30 professional team members. Twinzo is at the same time the name of the company as well as the main product, which is a 3D Live Digital Twin.

We have many years of experience in custom software development for our customers, but our own journey towards our own solution started in 2014 at a hotel reception. Our CEO, Michal Ukropec overheard a complaint of the responsible manager for the catering: “Why isn’t there a way to simply see all of my staff on my mobile phone?!?”. Michal approached him, they started to talk, and this was the beginning of a long friendship and the birth of twinzo.

Michal and his team developed an indoor tracking solution and started testing it amongst our innovation friendly customers. It caught on and all of them kept coming back and asking if this and that was also possible to integrate, and it was. Seven years later, we developed a state-of-the-art software solution that enables to visualize in a 3D environment any type of real-time and historic data – twinzo.

Twinzo is a platform for digital twins that allows to display and operate an unlimited number of three-dimensional virtual models such as offices, factories, warehouses, ports, airports, and even entire cities. Twinzo can then visualize within the 3D model various data in real-time, whether location, sensory, industrial, statistical, or other digital inputs. The biggest advantage of twinzo is its optimization for mobile devices, whether Android or Apple. It also supports standard operating systems such as Windows and MAC.

Twinzo thus becomes a central place for decision-making. It makes data available to the user in the context of the two most important factors, which are time and place, in a never-before-seen form and a way that was previously unimaginable. Its simple and intuitive user interface only enhances the experience. Twinzo can integrate any data input and turn it into valuable and useful information.

However, making data available is just the beginning. After evaluating the information from twinzo, the user usually wants to take action, which he can once again perform directly through twinzo. On one hand, twinzo is your perfect source of information and on the other hand, the fastest and most reliable executor of your will.

Whether you are a logistics manager in a production plant who knows exactly what is happening in real-time on the shop floor, even though not physically present and can move for example the logistics to a production line where the overall performance is declining with a single push of a button on your mobile phone, or you are a doctor who gets a notification from twinzo in real-time that his patient’s health has deteriorated radically, and needs immediate help, twinzo knows no limits.

Michal Ukropec, CEO

Twinzo transforms your mobile device into a command center, which can only be matched by NASA’s Central Control. You can download and try twinzo for free directly from Google Play or App Store.


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