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Providing Bristol with sweet coffee with a push to contribute to the community

Triple Co Roast is an open-access speciality coffee roastery in the heart of the city of Bristol, England. It was founded by local Bristol boy Jo Thompson in early 2015 after he spent two years studying out in California, learning coffee and roasting at home. The mission is triple and always has been. To roast high-quality coffee beans, small batch. To buy green coffee via direct trade with bean farmers and to focus on having amazing roaster-to-customer relations. We are open-access and transparent, meaning you can come and visit and ask questions!

Our company is the fruit of a search for full picture positive and ethical business, no corner-cutting. It was a desire to provide Bristol with sweet quality coffee coupled with a push to contribute to the community and culture already surrounding this growing industry. As we began looking into the ethics behind buying green coffee and it’s importation, we saw how coffee transparency and traceability gave back to the farmer.

These foundational truths mean we source our green coffee through relationship. This results in farmers getting a fair price for their crop and us getting quality coffee we know we can trust. From day one we have prioritised direct-trade and directly-traded coffee beans.

We visit our partners out in Narino, Colombia every year where we get the bulk of our coffee. Each year we have bought more and more coffee from them. What started as a couple of sacks of beans has turned into shipping containers worth of coffee. Our relationship with the growers out there has evolved from a business one to a friendship. It’s more than just buying coffee now, it’s supporting friends and families, who are pushing speciality coffee in a country rooted in commercial-grade coffee.

Triple Co Roast

+44 7944 530027
[email protected]
11 Charles Street, Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3NN

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