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There is room for growth and further development in every human being

High achievers commonly hire physical fitness trainers, personal wealth advisers, landscape architects, golf and tennis instructors, home decorators, tutors, chauffeurs and even fashion designers. Very few people consider investing in a Talent Agent who can advance one’s career.

Even the most successful individuals can be hampered by a blind spot or a nagging gap in one’s arsenal. There is room for growth and further development in every human being, even the most talented and proven business professionals.

These conversations are mostly limited to cocktail party talk, rarely held with the right people, and definitely not executable. We at Trinitas Talent Management address these issues and offer resources to bridge the gap.

Staffing firms, temp agencies and headhunters represent the Employer. We advocate for The Talent.

Trinitas Talent Management represents high- performing individuals who struggle to navigate the corporate waters. We provide buoys of practical advice enabling a worker to align with her employer for mutual success. We also advocate for the executive who seeks both personal career growth and practical tools in order to lead the corporation toward prosperity.

We enable the individual contributor to attract the kudos and recognition one deserves. This could lead to increased leverage points, greater job responsibility, more interesting assignments and, perhaps, even a promotion. In the case of the executive who carries large people responsibility, to create a renewed confidence with those he leads. These attitudes then become contagious as the leader is expected to pay it forward as part of a winning legacy.

If you are gainfully employed, and still seek the next optimal job or project, your view of a passive career search is radically different than the person who is out of work and actively seeking employment. Effectively working the job search process and managing the stress related to the job search are critical to your health and those who depend on you.

Where do you start? Why aren’t people calling you back? How do you re-invent yourself to be desirable to the next employer? Trinitas Talent Management will walk with you through this process; talk you down from the ledge and provide the support you need.

Trinitas Talent Management helps serious-minded professionals manage career trajectory while addressing the following topics and issues:

  • How to Earn and Gain a Promotion
  • The Do’s and Dont’s to Negotiating a Compensation Package
  • Dress for Success
  • The Five Critical Skills for Information Management Professionals
  • How to Recruit and Build a Loyal and Dedicated Team of Millennials
  • Sales 101 for the non-Sales Professional
  • Monetizing Your Skills and Capabilities
  • Attracting Clients and Selling Your Services
  • Leveraging the Gig Economy and the Alternative Workforce
  • Severance, Managing an Exit, and its Implications
  • Networking as a Lifestyle
  • Freelancing with Vigor
  • Create a Winning Proposal
  • How to Gain Financial Momentum in the Midst of a Career Change
  • The Truth about Breaking Bread
  • The Three Secret Skills
  • Winning Friends and Influencing People

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