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Companies enjoy the benefits of Corporate Trade to receive full value for underperforming or troubled assets, which greatly enhances liquidity and bottom-line profitability.
Corporate Trade enables new possibilities in industries as diverse as venture capital, health care, supply chain, hospitality, advertising, media, and retail, as well as many others. It facilitates new forms of tradable assets that make it possible to monetize illiquid assets.
Underperforming assets such as equity, real estate, excess hotel room inventory, empty seats in restaurants and unsold perishable media is sold for AltCurrency. The AltCurrency is used just like cash towards payment for purchasing and capital expenses at the same pricing as if it was an all
cash transaction, traded for other cryptocurrency, or even converted to cash.
TradeBanc brings corporate trade to a higher standard by combining reciprocal trade expertise with financial transaction modeling and blockchain technology to expand liquidity options for companies that desire to monetize challenged assets and excess capacity.
TradeBanc leverages the vast domain expertise of its founders to utilize AltCurrency Tokens for the acquisition of assets pursuant to Corporate Trade smart contracts. The end result provides liquidity for challenged assets and excess capacity to transform it into new sources of revenue that is utilized towards purchasing.

The History of Corporate Trade

Large companies, municipalities, and governments trade products and services through accounts receivable trading, relying on a corporate trade company to purchase inventory offered for sale with trade credits and subsequently to fulfill the credits by providing products and services requested by the seller. The corporate trade company acts as a principal in the barter transaction as buyer and seller and becomes the purchasing agent for clients to spend their trade credit.
Corporate trade as it is practiced today originated in the late 1960s. At that time, corporate trade was primarily a financial tool – a way for companies with excess or obsolete inventories to recover costs and receive full wholesale value for inventory. Today, corporate trade remains a profitable
alternative to markdowns or liquidation and provides a valuable way to expand a company’s advertising and marketing budget using the leverage of a barter transaction. Corporate trade also facilitates foreign trade with countries that have goods and services to exchange but lack hard currency.
Corporate trade is practiced in transactions such as excess unsold capacity, unfilled trucking on return trips, idle plant equipment, excess inventory, years on a lease when a company moves, and even equity in a firm or early-stage company. Privately held companies can sell restricted stock for trade credit to offset marketing costs that will help build name recognition and market share, or to purchase technology development, consulting or hard assets.

The Evolution of Corporate Trade

TradeBanc’s founders have a history of being early adopters of technology and are expanding the future of corporate trade utilizing blockchain. While retail trade exchanges have made significant strides in minimizing the problems associated with direct trading, TradeBanc is improving transactions and liquidity utilizing automation, transparency, and smart contracts.
The key to a successful asset or capacity remarketing transaction is scale: a well-defined distribution channel and a large number of strategic vendors and trading partners. TradeBanc addresses all industry market sectors and assists clients with marketing strategy, business process implementation, and fulfillment.
Building a better tomorrow by leveraging 60+ years of combined Reciprocal Trade experience, TradeBanc is well-positioned to advance corporate trade to a higher level of success for its trading partners. By assisting corporate partners, companies and governments with leadership in trading, commerce and payment platforms to improve commerce, TradeBanc with its native AltCurrency (ALTC) utility token enhances transparency, reduces fees, and brings new advantages to participating in corporate trade.
TradeBanc’s online proprietary web-enabled transactional software, intellectual assets, global infrastructure, core relationships, business model and industry domain expertise are available to be integrated into corporate and financial sectors throughout the world.


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