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As with any good story, TrackTik’s opening chapter begins in a bar. In one such establishment, a disgruntled security manager described the lack of visibility he had over his security personnel and how his clients kept reporting absentee guards. As a tech developer listened, he said to himself, “I can build an app for that” and the rest they say is history.

Simon Ferragne, CEO of TrackTik has come a long way since then, having built a comprehensive web and mobile-enabled security workforce management software. The first challenge, according to Simon, was to spark the internal change agents in the antiquated physical guard industry, but he believes that through a good product and a client-centric mindset, TrackTik has been able to secure 210,000+ facilities, serve 450+ clients across 35+ countries.

Other markers of great stories are twists and turns; at TrackTik there are no shortages of that either. One such tangent affiliated with TrackTik’s story is that of Julie Lacasse, VP of Operations. Julie and Simon have not only built a sound working family at TrackTik but they also share a family outside of the office. Nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset like Simon, in the early days, Julie wore many hats at TrackTik to ensure smooth daily operations. Today, she continues to lead efforts that contribute to the firm’s scale-up endeavors as she plots its global expansion plan.

One other major contributor to the TrackTik story has been the people that come in to work every day. Affectionately known as TrackTikers, this is a group of people ever-expanding, ever-curious and ever-passionate. Simon has said in many instances that the key to his success is that he worked hard, listened to clients and surrounded himself with the right people.

As part of the exciting tech renaissance in Montreal, TrackTik is proud of its La Belle Ville roots and headquartered in the city’s Plateau neighborhood. With this, the stage is continually set for these unique TrackTikers to revel in their diversity and eccentricity. The neighborhood is abuzz with food delicacies from around the world, impromptu festivals and interesting street art. Whenever the need to quench the thirst from a hectic week arises, the team head over to the local bar, Le Darling. Doubling up as a coworking space for many TrackTikers, the company has paid homage to this bar by naming a conference room after its signature drink!

They say that if you need something – no matter how random – simply ask a fellow TrackTiker. Ask for a joke from a Product Owner, ask for fashion tips from a Finance whiz, ask for legal advice from a Sales rep, ask for a book recommendation from an Operations intern or ask for a jazzy musical rendition of the ‘Happy Birthday’ song from a Solutions expert and you’ll always find exactly what you were looking for and more at TrackTik!


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