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TopSavings is an Ottawa based startup that has developed a price comparison app that makes it easy to find the best deals on groceries, saving consumers time and money.  Our app compares prices and calculates where users can save the most. It couldn’t be easier.

Smart List
Compares across brands and sizes to find the best prices and highest savings on user generated shopping lists.  It’s effortless.

Bill Splitting

We make it easy to see which store to shop & save the most at based on the shopping list. Split a bill between stores for even more savings. No math required!

Daily Deals

With the aid of crowd sourcing, geolocation, and artificial intelligence our savings engine curates hundreds of daily deals based on user preferences and location. Personalized bargains, updated often.

With consumer debt at record levels and food prices on the rise, most shoppers want to find the best prices on groceries, personal care products, and household supplies. In order to get the most bang for their buck many consumers spend hours comparing flyers, clipping coupons, browsing websites, and using shopping apps. Life is too short to waste time bargain hunting.

Our goal is to make it fast, easy, and delightful to find which stores will save shoppers the most money.
When we started TopSavings we knew our app had to be smart. We developed a price checking feature that uses machine learning and computer vision to quickly identify products and prices sitting on a store shelf, at home, and anywhere else.

The app uses artificial intelligence to quickly compare the best prices on products at shoppers’ favourite local and online stores, and puts them on a single screen. Our technology saves users time and money.

Available for iOS and Android devices, the app’s main features are:

SMART SHOPPING LIST – Users can create custom shop-ping lists that track prices on their favourite products and let them know which stores save them the most money.

DAILY DEALS – The app features hundreds of excellent deals on products at nearby stores and are updated throughout the day.

SEARCH – Users can search for their favourite groceries, personal care products, and household supplies.

The app will find the best priced results at local and online stores.

PRICE CHECK – With the aid of machine learning and computer vision, users can price check products by simply pointing their mobile device at store shelves or products. The app quickly identifies products & prices, and returns the best deal nearby or online.
Our platform provides manufacturers, marketers, and merchants new and innovative ways to promote their products to an audience that is actively seeking deals.

Using augmented reality, computer vision, and geolocation, marketers can push creative boundaries.
As of Q4 2019, the TopSavings app is available in the App Store and on Google Play for residents of Ottawa, Canada. Availability will be expanded across Canada and into the United States in 2020.

TopSavings app is available in the App Store and on Google Play


Box 52072 - RPO Rideau East
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 1B4, CA

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