A boutique law firm of specialist attorneys, Tomlinson Mnguni James (TMJ) takes pride in personalised services that afford clients direct access to their counsel. The hands-on directors who are not only qualified legal practitioners, but specialists in their respective fields, lead highly qualified teams and inspire a support and-assist approach, where knowledge and expertise are shared between colleagues and departments to ensure optimum service delivery.

The implementation of ideas resulting in improved services – innovation – is a methodology with which TMJ is keenly familiar.

As a smaller firm, an adaptive strategy has been crucial for maintaining relevance in a highly competitive arena. A transition to advanced electronic systems some years ago has kindled seamless operations throughout the firm and proved markedly beneficial in client relations and productivity. These established systems have made further adaptations to the current global situation a significantly smoother process.

TMJ’s origins can be traced back to 1898 and its founders and successors have always shared a resolute belief that the fundamental purpose of innovation is to uplift not only oneself but to extend the benefits to those around you. To support this, the firm makes a concerted effort to share knowledge through the regular publishing of blogs and articles made accessible to clients and the general public alike. They also share skills development, participating in numerous roadshows and training programs throughout the year.

With a comprehensive range of legal services on offer, TMJ’s distinctions lie in their Conveyancing, Litigation, Fiduciary and Labour Law departments. Their Property Law Department attends to traditional Conveyancing transactions and assists clients with sectional title and land development matters. The Litigation department consists of a passionate team boasting an excellent reputation for dispute resolution. This department also covers Matrimonial and Family Law. The Fiduciary division focuses on estate planning, solution-driven tax advice, the drafting of wills, administration of estates and the provision of industry-leading online and face-to-face trust and company administration services. Finally, the well-versed Labour Law department consists of attorneys with specialist litigation experience, who are involved in all aspects of Employment Law. This includes the related area of collective and individual employee relations. In support, there are also trained mediators and negotiators ready to assist.

Strategically placed branches across South Africa have positioned TMJ for success. Nevertheless, they strive to further expand their competitive edge to new regions in South Africa to bolster their national coverage. As poised professionals with vast skillsets and extensive experience in specific fields, the firm endeavours to persistently foster adaptability in a rapidly evolving workspace – wholeheartedly embracing change as an opportunity to keep moving forward and keep innovating.


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