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TMA BlueTech is the leading BlueTech cluster in the U.S and one of the largest in the world. But what does this mean to those who are unfamiliar with terms such as “cluster” and “BlueTech?”

TMA BlueTech’s UN Decade of Ocean Science joint event with Scripps Institution of Oceanography, during which BlueTech companies presented on their innovative technologies.

The Blue Economy

We believe that the Blue Economy includes the sum of all economic activity related to ocean and water industries, inclusive of traditional maritime, shipping industries, and emerging BlueTech industries like maritime robotics, offshore renewables, aquaculture, sustainable seafood, etc., and water/wastewater industries. Many of our member companies sell into both ocean and water sectors, and the earth’s closed-loop water system doesn’t differentiate between salty or fresh. Therefore, we believe a Blue Economy definition needs to include both ocean and water industries. Think: “if it’s wet, it’s blue” and “if it’s innovative, it’s BlueTech!”

TMA BlueTech Founder & President, Michael Jones, started our organization 14 years ago when he realized the need for an organized BlueTech cluster in the San Diego region. Photo Courtesy of Kyle Thomas.

Defining a Cluster

The general definition for the term “cluster” is a community of individuals regionally focused on a specific theme or sector. A “Business Cluster” is a regional concentration of related industries that helps increase its competitiveness, globally. There is considerable research on why business cluster thrive and how they impact their regions. San Diego has long been a hub for maritime, as a port city with a heavy naval influence. Mixing with the presence of the tech industry, BlueTech, or sustainable ocean and water/wastewater technology, has been growing rapidly as a cluster within the San Diego region. This does not leave BlueTech tied to the region, either. As a dominantly export-oriented industry, BlueTech companies all over the world interact and collaborate fluidly through a hub-and-spoke of BlueTech cluster organizations. TMA BlueTech showcases this growth through its member base of 60+ BlueTech startup companies, roughly half of which are regionally located in Southern California.


Guests at the BlueTech Gala Dinner stand to applaud students in the San Diego Unified School District, who played a key role in our annual event recognizing leaders in BlueTech. TMA BlueTech leads numerous education programs for students interested in the BlueTech industry.

Now is the Time!

The role that our oceans and water plays in life as human beings is immeasurable. In a changing environmental landscape, solutions to global problems require a focus on ocean- and water-related sustainability. We believe that our companies are innovating at a pace that provides the solutions necessary to many of the issues facing the future of our success as a species. At the same time, BlueTech is crucial to our economy, creating jobs, educating our youth on how to be the next generation of sustainable problem-solvers and how to protect the beauty of the planet we call home.

Let’s Spread the Word

TMA BlueTech hopes to be a forum to highlight BlueTech companies, update the public on the most recent innovations in this ever-growing space, drive influential policies, and highlight top minds in ocean and water technology. We encourage partnerships, collaboration and new ways to spread our network.

Join TMA BlueTech in our vision of promoting sustainable science-based ocean and water industries.

TMA BlueTech

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