Changing The Future Of Law

TLT is a UK law firm with local, national and international reach. We support large corporates, public institutions and high growth businesses on their strategic and day-to-day legal needs.

Our offering includes market-leading legal expertise, as well as near-legal consultancy services and a suite of products and solutions developed as part of our FutureLaw innovation programme.

Innovation and disruption are not new terms at TLT; we have been transforming the way we deliver services to our clients for years, including through the use of technology and design thinking. This is deeply rooted in our culture and an important part of how we do business.

In 2018, we launched our FutureLaw initiative and a £500,000 investment fund to drive change more rapidly in the way we serve clients. The programme is continuing to grow, with the launch of a FutureLaw team and award-winning approaches to solving clients’ problems.

As a law firm, you need to adapt to the changing needs and expectations of your clients or you get left behind. We make it our priority to speak to clients about their real pain points on a day-to-day basis, and we often find that in-house lawyers are grappling with the same challenges around efficient and effective delivery to their stakeholders. We work with them to address these challenges on a case-by-case basis, creating bespoke solutions to deliver the best outcomes.

We bring people, process and technology together as required and help clients to navigate an often overcrowded and complex legaltech market, being clear that legaltech is not always the answer. Legal transformation programmes and process optimisation is often where we need to start and with over 20 years’ experience in this area, we have much to share.

Our first FutureLaw offering was the launch of our market-leading AI contract review tool, TLT LegalSifter. We have always been clear that we are not software developers; but we partner with the best legaltech businesses and adapt their products as needed to bring the best solutions to the UK market. Partnering with US-based LegalSifter, our solution empowers in-house teams to review business as usual contracts (such as nondisclosure agreements and terms and conditions) quickly and easily whilst receiving on-screen advice from TLT’s commercial lawyers.

The FutureLaw team comprises multi-disciplinary specialists, including lawyers, process designers, technologists, knowledge management experts, data analysts, product and project managers and other professionals. Their role is to design, develop and deliver new solutions to our clients, working alongside subject matter experts across our legal
and business services teams.

TLT has grown from its roots in Bristol and the South West in 2000 to the firm it is today. As such, we are embedded in the start-up ecosystem in the South West and related bodies, forming longstanding relationships with organisations such as Engine Shed, Watershed, TechSPARK, SETsquared, QTEC and Launch: Great West. We take inspiration from these relationships and collaborate with local businesses and organisations to identify, consider and create new ideas and possible solutions for us and our clients.

The year 2020 saw an acceleration in the use of technology in every organisation, including the use of legaltech to process large amounts of information and documents against very short timescales. We have used our solutions to support clients through the twin pressures of Covid-19 and Brexit, and are looking forward to continuing to develop our offering with clients, ready for whatever’s next.

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