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It’s an amazing time to be a Detroiter. Yes, the city has its fair share of challenges, but its reputation is on the rise. As noted in a recent PR News article about Detroit’s renaissance, “Behind every rehabbed reputation lies really hard work, dedicated individuals and, of course, some strategic PR.”

You’ll find stories of hard work and dedication throughout these pages. And sure, PR helps tell a good story, but there must be a good story to tell. At Franco, we love telling stories that educate, motivate and inspire (it’s why we launched the Detroit Inspires Me campaign in 2016!).

How do you authentically rebuild the reputation of a region? It’s not through surface-level marketing messages or outspending your competitor. It’s about painting a picture through authentic voices and experiences that make people think “Yeah…I can see myself there.”

So why am I here? I was born in Detroit to a working-class family, attended Wayne State University and started my career doing corporate PR in the auto industry. But I missed spending my days and nights in Detroit, and I craved purpose.

I was re-energized when I joined Franco. I discovered a company with deep roots in the community (headquartered in Detroit since 1964!), and one that was truly committed to its growth and prosperity.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spark, likely passed down from my grandfather, who owned a grocery store on Detroit’s east side, and my dad, who owned auto repair shops in the 80s. I invested in Franco and my own leadership, working hard these last few decades to build a strong foundation based on values and vision alignment. I was thrilled to buy the firm earlier this year – making me a third generation Detroit business owner!

The future looks bright for Franco and Detroit. I am grateful for the opportunity to lead a business that makes an impact on the people, clients and communities we serve.

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