There has never been so much data in the world, and the rising adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making data more valuable than ever. With TickSmith’s GOLD enterprise data web store, it has never been simpler for a firm to package, monetize and distribute their data.

Financial institutions are adopting AI and Machine Learning to automate business processes that previously required large data-related operational costs. When beginning to adopt AI, many firms realize that their data exists in many different formats and is usually scattered throughout their organization. This is why 80% of a data scientist’s time is currently spent on preparing and formatting data rather than working on higher order tasks such as predictive modelling and insights on activities that drive their business.

TickSmith’s GOLD Platform is ready to meet data infrastructure challenges brought upon by cloud migration projects, data proliferation, the need to democratize data and the growing data demands from BI, AI and ML applications.

TickSmith revolutionizes how organizations consume and distribute data by removing the complexities of traditional data management infrastructure. Deployed in a private-SAAS model, TickSmith’s enterprise data web store,

GOLD, provides a secure and scalable low code solution that doesn’t require developers or specialized staff to operate. GOLD, an acronym for GatherOrganize-Leverage Distribute, already enables data intensive use cases in leading financial institutions worldwide.


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