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DNA Testing is the Future for Gut Health

Advances in technology have allowed us to personalize everything from fitness routines to diets. Even more, significant technological breakthroughs have allowed us to trace our genealogy with DNA testing.

Thryve microbiome testing combines the best of both these worlds to offer targeted gut health care which directly contributes to overall wellness. Their gut health program tests your gut microbiome to find the ratios of good bacteria against bad. Based on the gut health test results, Thryve offers a probiotic recommendation and personalized dietary recommendations plan that can improve your immune system, digestive issues, metabolic health, and mood.

How Gut Health Affects Overall Health 

Your gut houses trillions of tiny microbes that range from fungi to viruses to bacteria. The common area in which they coexist is known as the gut biome. 

Gut bacteria are the most commonly studied living beings in the gut biome. Thousands of bacterial species live within our system and work together to ensure that their host (us) runs on all cylinders. 

As a result, bacterial cells influence:

  • Immune System
  • Hormone Production
  • Protein Synthesis
  • Skin Cells
  • Vitamin synthesis
  • Abdominal Pain and GI Issues
  • Energy Levels
  • Weight Loss and Accumulation
  • Inflammation 
  • Mental Health
  • Gene expression

That’s a lot of ground for gut bacteria to cover. Not one microbe can do every task. So, there are thousands of bacterial species that must pitch in to maintain wellness. Therefore, the key to a healthy gut is a diverse and plentiful spread of species of bacteria within the gut flora. 

It’s easy to think of your gut biome like a colony. Each member of the community has a strength that leads to society’s success as a whole. All bacterial species have a trait that betters the entirety. When we lack bacterial diversity, we open the door for pathogenic bacteria to colonize and drive up inflammation. That causes physiological processes to run less smoothly creating a litany of health problems. 

To combat this, people are turning to probiotic supplements. However, most people aren’t getting the results they hoped for with their probiotic. So, Thryve DNA testing is looking to solve this problem with premium probiotics tailored for your gut

Why Most Probiotics Don’t Work

You can easily find a bunch of suspicious reviews of probiotics all over the internet. Scientific reviews point out that most mass-produced probiotic blends don’t make a difference in a person’s overall health. With gut bacteria clearly influencing our wellness, probiotics seem to be the answer. So, why don’t generic probiotics work?

CEO of Thryve, Richard Lin, realized that the individual microbiome must be taken into account. When he started the Thryve Gut Health Program, he planned to answer all the negative press surrounding probiotics. Here’s why most probiotics don’t work and what sets Thryve apart.

You’re Consuming Unnecessary Probiotics

Just as each gut bacteria has its own role in our gut biome, they also have unique eating patterns. Gut bacteria rely on dietary fiber from our food choices to grow. Yet, only 5% of people who follow a Western Diet receive adequate dietary fiber intake.

The amount and type of fiber you consume will dictate the abundance and variety of bacteria still in your system. Taking a generic probiotic might mean you’re introducing gut bacteria into your system that your body doesn’t need, therefore lacking any therapeutic advantage.

The Cultures Aren’t Alive

Gut bacteria are living beings that consume food and produce waste. In fact, their waste comes in the form of short-chain fatty acids. These are an electric currency for our healthy bacterial cells and gut lining cells. Thanks to gut bacteria waste, we can avoid developing a leaky gut or a concerning medical condition. If a probiotic sits on a store shelf without food to eat, there’s no way it will be alive when you consume it.

Harsh Stomach Acids

Stomach acids can break down certain capsules that contain probiotics. From there, it’s up to the probiotics to make their way to the colon. Here, they need to colonize. If you’re overrun with pathogenic microorganisms, your stomach acid might be too acidic for weak generic probiotics to survive.

Poor Diet Habits

Taking a probiotic isn’t going to fix your health issues on its own. You must feed healthy bacteria the food they enjoy. That means your diet should be full of whole grains, leafy greens, and polyphenols. These dietary recommendations aren’t in line with the Standard American Diet (SAD).

How DNA Testing and Thryve Probiotics Can Improve Wellness

Knowing why probiotics weren’t working was crucial to cracking the code to optimal gut health. Thryve took that information and created an all-encompassing gut health program that acknowledges imbalances and improves the individual microbiome. Here’s how. 

Thryve Gut Health Test Kit 

Thryve sends you everything to take a gut health test at home. Their kit comes with a couple of sterile swabs, a vial with preservative liquid, and an envelope to mail back your fecal sample. 

Just bring the provided swab into the bathroom and collect a sample of stool from your toilet paper. Dip the provided swab into the vial with liquid. This liquid preserves your DNA. 

Their proprietary chemical formula lets you know that the fecal sample is safely collected and preserved when the liquid changes color. It can also withstand up to 21 days of incubation at room temperature. This breakthrough in preservation allows for an accurate reading of the individual gut biome.

Place your sample of stool into the provided envelope. Place it into your mailbox. While you wait, register your kit on the Thryve website

Specialists at Thryve use magnetic-based DNA extraction that implements mechanical and enzymatic protocols to isolate bacterial cells. They use proprietary software to perform DNA sequencing that captures a snapshot of your intestinal flora. Their team of experts then calculates the expected bacterial ratios of each species in your gut. 

Within weeks turnaround time, you will receive a microbiome health report. It comes with a breakdown of the bacterial cells in your gut. They provide you with additional information on each species so that people can get a foundational knowledge of their own gut bacteria.

Custom Probiotic Recommendations 

The key to improving gut health is to create a diverse bacterial population within your gut. You must reinoculate with specific probiotic bacteria that your body actually needs. 

Based on the test results of your DNA gut test, Thryve will offer you a probiotic recommendation fit for your microbiome. They are the nation’s first monthly microbiome testing company. You can hold your monthly subscription any month and restart with ease. Plus, you can cancel anytime.

Better Survival Rate of Probiotics

Probiotics need food to survive. Thryve creates a proprietary probiotic formula that includes inulin.

Inulin is a carbohydrate prebiotic derived from food sources such as dandelion or chicory root, which increases the numbers of beneficial bacteria in the gut while reducing the numbers of potentially pathogenic bacteria. Probiotics in Thryve supplements feast on these carbs to grow stronger. 

They also enrich the probiotic blend with short-chain fatty acids. These dietary supplements are ready to get to work repairing your gut and improving your overall wellness. 

Proprietary Casing for Increased Probiotic Absorption 

Thryve formulated a proprietary vegetarian casing that increases the odds of probiotic survival by 30%. Their capsules can bypass harsh stomach acids. Once the casing dissipates, the probiotics, short-chain fatty acids, and other minerals in the probiotic have direct access to the colon.

Personalized Dietary Recommendations 

Thryve’s database of microbiome research articles spans over 35,000 medical journals and 4,000 bacterial species. They have the science necessary to ensure that your beneficial bacteria as well as the probiotics in your supplement are fed adequate nutrition.

They use your wellness test results to let you know which food ingredients may have caused the pathogenic bacteria to grow. Their database also provides hundreds of recipes that complement the different strains in your particular Thryve probiotics subscription contributing to your overall gut microbiome health.

Additional Information and Insights of Your Overall Health

Your DNA says a lot about you. Thryve uses the information to provide beneficial health information to you and your health care provider. They use your test results, scientific research, and the expert opinions of their scientific advisory board to create insights on other aspects of overall wellness. 

The Premium section of the Thryve Gut Health Program provides you with reports on key factors to human health, including your metabolism, vitamin absorption, sleep hormones, immunity, and more.

Why Thryve DNA Testing is the Future for Gut Health 

The one-size-fits-all approach to wellness is a thing of the past. Thryve makes attaining gut health more accessible than ever. Their at-home gut health test kit can give you in-depth insights into your health by extracting DNA from your stool sample. 

The Thryve Gut Health Program offers you support to meet your wellness goals. Their program provides actionable plans to help you change your diet and improve your bacterial diversity.

They use your DNA test results to recommend a probiotic that your body truly needs. Plus, they suggest food ingredients to avoid and recipes to make for improving your overall gut health. 

We’re all unique. Thryve celebrates that by using your DNA to improve your individual microbiome.

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