We know the struggle. Entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the complexity of designing an awesome product or service. With decades of experience in UX and computational design, as well as backgrounds in AI and big data, Think Like a Machine (TLM) identified a way to democratize access to computational design.

One of the greatest challenges facing entrepreneurs and business leaders today is the need to rapidly turn great ideas into desirable products without burning through resources and time. Business failure is extremely expensive. By enabling entrepreneurs to quickly iterate on business design and user experience, TLM saves businesses significant capital and enables innovators to rapidly ship new products and services.

The foundation of TLM’s approach is that we believe humans are the perfect machines. We use the power of human collective intelligence, simplify and operationalize it with hardware and software, and deliver this superhuman intelligence back to companies so they can easily and rapidly design user-friendly systems.

We use EVI, our visual facilitation tool, to lay out the moving pieces and quickly calculate the optimal UX design output your customers and employees will love. Our innovation operating system enables teams to operationalize design thinking and accomplish weeks of work in a matter of hours.

Akin to creating a virtual environment to design and test airplane turbines and rocket ships, we create a “digital twin” for your product using EVI, and help you to safely and quickly test your hypotheses. With this computational business design tool, you draw the plans, simulate the environment and once satisfied, hit a button, and produce a design output.

We believe that all entrepreneurs and business owners should have access to tools that enable them to rapidly test and iterate on their ideas. With Think Like a Machine, you can go from strategy to execution in a single business day.


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