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Is An Award-Winning Digital Experience Design And Development Consultancy

Think Company is an award-winning digital experience design and development consultancy with a reputation for building solutions that are engaging, intuitive, and beautiful wherever people click, tap, learn, and live.

Think Company’s mission is to create optimal experiences for the customers and employees of its clients, considering all touch-points (analog and digital), workflows, goals, and motivator—and how anyone project will best fit into and enhance that picture. Its teams make design decisions founded on research, which helps drive out bias and ensure both user needs and business goals are satisfied. Teams work iteratively—brainstorming, prototyping, testing, analyzing, and refining—to make the product stronger.

Founded in 2007, Think Company is a group of more than 85 practitioners: its design professionals have a breadth of knowledge in fields such as visual and user interface design, cognitive psychology, instructional design, library and life sciences, and engineering. Its technologists are world-class software developers, fluent in industry best practices and experienced in helping organizations improve their skills and processes—taking great pride in being the last mile between design and the end-user.

Think Company’s remarkable culture has led to “Best Place to Work” honors many times over by various publications, with additional recognition for ethics, innovation, disruption, and community involvement. This culture attracts and retains a skilled, capable, and committed team— which directly benefits clients.

Think Company’s roster of 95+ clients spans all industries and ranges from Fortune’s top 15 to Startups that want to invest in a game-changing UX that’ll leave the competition scratching their heads for years to come. Many clients have partnered with Think Company for several years (and counting) to lead digital transformation efforts throughout their organizations.

Perhaps nothing is more telling about Think Company than its published “Core Values” upon which it tracks and measures the company’s success:

We always aim for excellence—great people, great work, great client service, and great business practices.

We treat our coworkers and clients the way we’d like to be treated—with genuine care, kindness, and respect.

We communicate openly and honestly with our coworkers and clients—believing that this leads to healthy relationships and work we can be proud of.

We collaborate with our coworkers and clients—valuing each other’s ideas and believing that teamwork will produce the best results.

We aim to get better and better at what we do—improving our job skills and leadership abilities; growing revenue and profit.

We give more than is expected of us—to our coworkers and clients, to people that need help, and toward the advancement of our profession.

Think Company, Inc.

Philadelphia Think Space 111 South 15th Street
Mezzanine | Philadelphia, PA 19102

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