A new growth and acceleration model




TheVentureCity is a new growth and acceleration model, helping diverse startups in the tech ecosystem scale-up to achieve global impact. Our mission is to democratize opportunities for high-potential founders around the world. Backed by an international Dream Team, we offer a unique skillset and a mindset approach that are rarely found outside of Silicon Valley.

TheVentureCity’s innovative structure can be best understood as a “city” representing a multi-stage growth journey for companies; whether they are a promising early-stage startup in need of advice, a high-growth company raising capital, or an established company trying to shift gears towards a more innovative mindset. Our strong point is the people that make up our team: engineers, product and growth managers and early employees from Facebook, WhatsApp, eBay, Vodafone, Millicom, Paypal, Merryl Lynch, among many others with a proven track record in the growth of disruptive, billion-dollar technology companies across the world.

Another differentiator of our ecosystem accelerator is that every entrepreneur and traditional company who joins TheVentureCity is treated like family. Our “founders first” mentality and hands-on approach mean that our products are targeted to each of the companies’ specific needs.We have invested in entrepreneurs across Europe, such as EnjoyHQ, GlampingHub, Cabify and Spotahome. We have also helped scale up startups with high-growth potential such as Jobartis, Woom Fertility, Peoople, FastMind, and 1Doc3.

At TheVentureCity, we believe in knowledge sharing and the democratization of opportunities. This is the reason why we are proud organizers of workshops, conferences, mentoring sessions on data, product growth, and engineering. We have also led successful partnership agreements with Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon. Because of our unique mindset and innovative model, we offer unparalleled hyper-growth for entrepreneurs who share our ambition and goals.

Laura González-Estéfani, CEO and Founder

An early employee at Facebook, where she opened the delegation in Spain and went on to join the legendary Growth Team at Menlo Park. Later, she spearheaded the companies’ partnerships in LATAM. In the past, Laura led management roles at eBay, Siemens and Ogilvy Group. In June 2019, Laura was appointed to the European Innovation Council Advisory Board, which will provide strategic leadership to the EU in global markets and new technologies.

Clara Bullrich, Co-Founder
Managing partner for Guggenheim Partners Latin America/LJ Partnerships, a leading independent, privately-held multi-family office with assets under management of $5 billion dollars. Her passion for technology drove her to co-found TheVentureCity.

• Santiago Canalejo, Chief Operations Officer
• Ekaterina Skorobogatova, VP of Growth
• Andrés Dancausa, VP Growth Accelerator EMEA
• Victor Servin, Chief Technology Officer
• Patricia de Loro, Chief Product Officer
• Daniel Yuste, VP Business Mindset
• Carlos Montes, VP University EMEA
• Jimena Zubiria, VP University Americas
• David Smith, Data Scientist
• Rosa Jiménez Cano, Chief Ecosystem Relations
• Ricardo Sangion, VP Growth Accelerator Americas
• Andrés Areitio, Found Partner TheVentureCity
• Maria Derchi Russo, Miami Campus Director
• Edgard Duque, Program Manager Growth Accelerator Americas

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