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TheGrint is a Golferhood. Our golfers use TheGrint when they are on the golf course to track their scores, but also when they are back home, looking at their own stats or checking out the scores of their friends as they play live.


Our community of golfers keeps growing fast across the world. And that’s because we solve a very critical issue for the golfer. We are the only we to get a Free Golf Handicap from USGA licensed golf clubs. We are able to do so because we found a pretty clever and legit way to use USGA Handicap System without a cost, through leveraging volunteers from our own community of golfers.

What we are most proud of is the sense of belonging that our Grinters have, and how much they feel TheGrint as their own. We have been able to accomplish that because every single new feature and improvement that we made to the App comes from ideas of our own community of golfers.



We started in 2012, 3 Co-Founders with the idea of improving how golfers obtain their Golf Handicap. We began by trying to collect physical scorecards and transcribing the scores, and quickly evolved to having the golfer send us photos of their scorecards digitally.

Our app evolved from a Handicap app to the first Social Golfer app. We were the pioneers in Free USGA Handicaps, we invented the Live Leaderboard feature, and continue to innovate when we became the first app where golfers could share their golf with others.

We focus on product first. And to have a great product you always need to stay ahead of others through continuous improvement. The fuel of that… our users.


“App changes golf for amateurs.”

Golf Magazine

Our development pipeline is exclusively built with ideas from our community of Grinters. And while these ideas come raw, it is our job to interpret them and give them form. If we do that right, and prioritize them properly we then end up with a an endless

We have been awarded several prizes including winning the Shark Tank competition from Greg Norman in 2017. Additionally, we have been recognized on a national level by publications like Golf Digest, Golf Magazine or CNN with phrases like “App changes golf for amateurs”.

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