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An agriculture technology venture capital firm and business accelerator

The Yield Lab is an agriculture technology venture capital firm and business accelerator. We invest in early stage AgTech companies that will sustainably increase the world food supply. Selected companies receive a capital investment from the Yield Lab and participation in our business accelerator program.

The Yield Lab was founded in St. Louis in 2014 in large part due to Thad Simons, CEO of Novus International at the time. While at a conference, Thad noticed significant resources in Canada going to AgTech startups, but a very limited amount of resources going to AgTech startups in the United States. Seeing this as an opportunity, the Yield Lab formed. Within a few short months, the Yield Lab was off making investments and developing AgTech startups.

The Yield Lab invests in six areas:

  1. Crop Protection/Production
  2. Animal Health/Nutrition
  3. Supply Chain/Logistics
  4. Food Ingredients
  5. Agriculture Sustainability
  6. Precision Agriculture

Companies participating in the Yield Lab accelerator program receive worldclass mentorship from agribusiness executives as well as access to the deep, international Yield Lab network. The Yield Lab team taps these resources to provide as much exposure as possible to opportunities of capital, customers, or collaborators.

The Yield Lab has built upon its reputation to receive two awards: The Global Ambassador Award from the World Trade Center in St. Louis, as well as the Most Valuable AgTech Accelerator 2018 from AgFunder.

After the initial success and momentum of AgTech investing, the Yield Lab expanded, opening offices in Ireland, Argentina, and Singapore. These locations provide access to even more innovative technologies  but also allow any portfolio company to utilize Yield Lab team members in these locations to access new networks and navigate business cultures.

The Yield Lab is located in an excellent region to be involved with agriculture. Seventy percent of the world’s corn and soybeans grow within 500 miles of St. Louis with high figures for livestock as well. In addition, the Yield Lab’s proximity to commercial and logistical infrastructure right along the Mississippi River to move grains, fruits, produce, meats, and more helps greatly in coupling technology with agricultural infrastructure.

The Yield Lab is proud to be founded and headquartered in St. Louis in the 39 North District and to be helping grow the region into a global AgTech capital.

The Yield Lab

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1100 Corporate Square Drive, Suite 227 St. Louis, MO 63132

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