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The Works Museum’s focus on engineering lets kids be builders, designers,and problem- solvers, they’re the engineers. Their mission is to inspire the next generation of innovators, engineers, and creative problem-solvers. They do this through kid-friendly, STEM-focused programs, events, camps,and workshops.

The Works Museum was founded by Rebecca Schatz, with the first exhibit debuting in 1995. Schatz envisioned a place where children could learn through “hands-on, minds-on” experiences. In 2011, after a few temporary homes, the Museum transitioned to a permanent location in Bloomington, Minnesota. Jill Measells is the current CEO.

Who We Are
The Works Museum is all about providing engineering experiences for kids and their families. The interactive Experience Gallery is filled with building and design activities for ages 5-12 that encourage collaboration, creativity, and trial and error. Twin Cities corporate partners support kid-focused tech activities, and the Museum’s own STEM educators offer workshops for students throughout Minnesota. It’s all about igniting kids’ passion for STEM.

Each year, The Works Museum partners with members of the Twin Cities STEM community to host three signature events that introduce children to the fun and fascinating world of engineering. Tech Fest and Robot Day feature hands-on activities in fields like coding, robotics, biomedical engineering, chemistry, and more.

Engineering Access for Everyone
True to its mission, The Works Museum believes students are the creative problem-solvers of the future. They are committed to reaching underserved communities and breaking down barriers to access to STEM.

The Museum offers onsite field trips and brings programs into the community through school workshops and Family Engineering Nights.

In addition to school access, The Works Museum also offers a Gateway Program for families with financial need, as well as programming that focuses on reaching girls. Women are still largely underrepresented in STEM fields, and the Museum hosts girls-only summer camps and events, where girls can meet female role models and experience engineering in a space just for them.

The Works Museum is passionate about engaging youth in STEM. Experiencing engineering can open a world of opportunities for a child and help build critical skills like collaboration, perseverance, and problem-solving.

The Works Museum

9740 Grand Ave. S. Bloomington
MN 55420

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