As the forerunners of “Futuretainment”, The VirtX is the first of its kind broadcasting & streaming aggregating service in Virtual Reality in the form of shared entertainment (live sports/events/movies/gaming) to the B2C audiences.

The VirtX is a platform which enables networks to broadcast their live content in Virtual Reality to their audience, who can experience the same in a group while keeping it interactive (as in speak to one another directly). Using the same operational algorithm, the VirtX can be leveraged for multiple remote services on the B2B end, bringing down the overhead costs drastically for an organisation.

Breaking out from its niche, its time Virtual Reality stepped into the limelight of the mainstream and we intend to lead the way forward with it. The VirtX was born in 2019, over a drink while talking to my father-inlaw (who has had an illustrious career as a naval architect), about remote offshore rig supervision and ship surveys. Back then I was working on a different product and was exploring avenues of integrating VR in it.
I have always been fascinated with the AR/VR/MR technology (now XR) from a young age, coupled with sci-fi movies, it was always about, “what if that were for real?” Being an ardent Liverpool Football Club fan myself, I always wanted to experience real life game in person, with my friends at all venues, which logistically were impossible for me at the time. After interacting with a few industry experts, investors and closed target group audiences, I realized the potential The VirtX held and how it could break out from a niche to being a mass technology changing the market and operational approach across industries. Throughout my career, I have failed a million times and learnt from each to apply to the few successes which mattered productively. End of the day we all need that ONE successful result to make all the difference in life. The road for an entrepreneur is one of the toughest from being a nobody to somebody. My journey has been no less.

When everyone suggested starting with the smaller entities, the years have taught me to go big or go home. Confidence has always been one of my strong points, coupled with metric based market feedback, I reached out to the big players. Everything sounds like clockwork as I pen them down, but I can assure you, it has been anything but clockwork. Sleepless nights, cold leads, deteriorating mental health, financials, family and friends everything collapsed but it was the sheer will and belief in the product which became the main driver in that time. The passion I have towards innovation is what made me what I am today. Ideally I would say, The VirtX is an innovative platform which enables other industry players chalk their path in the world of XR which creates a new avenue for customer engagement as well as operational efficiency. Everyone wants to create a new product and beat the competition.

Our focus is to work with the competition and create something extraordinary. Even though our operational backend and algorithm are proprietary, I would say the concept of it was brought about by amalgamating existing proven technologies. After all innovation is not only about creating something novel but also seeing things in a different perspective and putting them into effect to maximize the impact.

Within The VirtX, the motivation for the team comes from identifying the market gaps, where our competition has missed and how we can fill in. We are strong believers in breaking the chain. We get excited when our users are excited. Hence innovation is at the heart of our organization. This year is all about testing and feedback to make the right market fit and ensure a seamless experience. As of now, we are well on track to a formal launch of The VirtX in the spring of 2022 and acquire a market of a million users globally by 2025.


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