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The Unit LLC was started, on paper, a few years ago. Prior to such, the creator and owner, Leon “Lee” Baptiste, had spent a few years as a U.S. Army soldier being involved in the War on Terror and was a translator and a cultural expert. He is originally from Latin America and of Buddhist faith.

“I first intended to start The Unit LLC as a security company, but I quickly figured out that the market was oversaturated and that Intelligence, my main passion, was the way to go! The company was made in both a Tech & Defense Industry mode.

From there, we started using all our efforts towards having the ball ‘rolling’ a couple of years ago, becoming a Service-Disabled Veteran-owned Small Business (SDVOSB), with a global network of assets in all five (5) continents and placing a major emphasis on language and cultural skills for each of our members, no matter what their specialty. We always make sure to include and teach close-quarter combat skills to each and all of our members as a direct result of the CEO being a lifelong martial artist. Those skills, language and cultural, etc., is what differentiates us from most companies in all industries, and having the best Chief Operations Officer, Lauren Rice, a fellow Martial Artist with tremendous Spanish cultural and language skills, has been invaluable almost from the start.”



Included in our capabilities, we have several divisions as follows: an Intel division (which has a Cybersecurity team, IT/Cloud Computing, HUMINT & Special Technologies teams for UAV), a Logistics & Security division, a Biochemical Solutions division (for environmental hazards, water pollution, etc.), & a Civil Engineering division (for SCIF constructions).

“An entity is only as good as any of its professionals… The Unit LLC prides itself to have top professionals, from Operators with Special Operations expertise, to Intelligence professionals with real-world skills, ‘Commandos & Spooks,’ as one of the CEO’s mentors, Dr. Fred Hatfield (R.I.P), once said.

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