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Is A Positive, Creative Space That Is Focused On Uniting Our Community And Supporting All Things Good In North Somerset.

The Stable is a positive, creative space that is focused on uniting our community and supporting all things good in North Somerset. The Stable is a community-focused workspace that is home to more than 60 small businesses and start-ups from across North Somerset. Supporting independent businesses in their goals, we have a range of businesses from the Creative & Digital Sectors such as: Artists & Makers, Digi Tech Wizards, Film & Media Geeks, Health & Wellbeing Practitioners, Design & Build Engineers, Foodies, Project Manager and Writers, as well as a whole army of co-workers. Not to mention an array of community classes, Dancers, Fitness Instructors and Coaches that utilise our bright meeting spaces.

Based in the heart of Weston-super-Mare, The Stable’s sole aim is to improve the social and economic infrastructure of Weston and the surrounding villages. We provide the facilities and space for work, education, culture and the arts. As well as creating the environment for people from all walks of life to come together and collaborate in an innovative space that offers a complete experience to live, work and play.

Innovation, unity and flexibility go hand-in-hand together at The Stable; our co-working space offers the perfect collaborative atmosphere for solopreneurs, freelancers and even those temporarily working remotely. We currently offer the only
co-working space in Weston-super-Mare. Plus, we have brought new life to empty and abandoned buildings in Weston, creating homes for businesses such as The Stable Games Room, Dance Studio and Textile Quarter.

In addition to our traditional workspaces, we also have The Loft, a bright and airy, creative multi-functional workspace which provides the perfect space for everything from arts & craft classes to conferences, group sessions and exercise classes. Plus, The Stable is always on the lookout to support and promote local businesses from our community, we have curated regular markets and exhibitions.

By creating the space for businesses to grow and flourish, we hope to bolster an interesting, diverse and positive community in North Somerset. As well as also boosting our local economy. The Stable is an important innovator for Weston-super-Mare and North Somerset, dedicated to thinking outside-of-the-box and introducing new methods, ideas and services. We offer the small businesses that have made their home with us – as well as the local area – a creative and collaborative community space that supports their business growth.

However, The Stable is so much more than a workspace. We are at the heart of our community, partnering and supporting local charities and organisations, from The Hope Uniform Exchange, a place for parents to swap and exchange school uniforms, to working with The Stable Café, providing almost 20,000 free packed lunches to families that needed support during 2020.

We know that North Somerset has so much to offer, so much creativity, innovation & community, and here at The Stable, more than anything else, we want to help our local area to thrive and succeed. At The Stable, we love what we do.

The Stable

+44 (0)1934 315 305
3-6 Wadham Street Weston-super-Mare
BS231 JY

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