The Space Training Academy was founded by astrophysicist, airline pilot and space travel instructor Nancy Vermeulen. She prepares aspiring astronauts physically and mentally for their first trip into space, using a unique training program developed in collaboration with the Desdemona Aerospace Simulator and the Delft University of Technology.

Why the Space Training Academy was founded
People often have mixed feelings about space travel. “Why do we even want to go into space?” some people ask. “Haven’t we created enough problems on Earth already?” Or they say, “Commercial space travel is just the next hobby for the superrich.” In reality, it’s a lot more complex than that. And that is why the Space Training Academy was founded: to contribute to scientific research and help the general public understand the significance of space travel.

The vision: space travel is a source of innovation
People who see space as a playground for the super-rich fail to see the most crucial characteristic: space is a huge source of innovation. Most of the things we are using every day are here because of space travel. Solar panels, GPS, portable computers, recycling techniques, even water treatment facilities. Almost every solution we have on this planet was developed to solve a problem in space and was then commercialized for daily use on Earth. Space exploration challenges us to continuously develop new technology, which eventually makes life on Earth better.

The mission: to unite people around the significance of space
The Space Training Academy wants to educate and inspire the public through training, workshops and lectures. The more people understand the beauty and significance of space, the better. The ultimate goal is humanitarian: we should stop being distracted by the things that separate us and start focusing on the things that unite us. Because we are all “Earthlings”, and we will all have to work together to survive in the long run.

The offer: education, research and training
The academy offers space-inspired lectures and workshops for the general public and further academic research. In addition, the academy prepares private astronauts physically and mentally for space travel. The training consists of different modules, and each activity is tailor-made to fit the candidate astronaut.

For example, you can take part in a zero-gravity flight to find out how your body responds to weightlessness. Or you can take the high-G centrifuge training to expose your body to the same high-G acceleration that an astronaut experiences in space. Are you curious to know what happens to an astronaut if there is a loss of pressure in the cabin while travelling? You can prepare for this pressure drop emergency in a hypobaric room under the supervision of our experts. Or you can simulate a real commercial space flight, virtually dock with the ISS and even land a spacecraft yourself.

Who it is for
Candidates who take the training are not always planning to go to space. Some just want to know what space travel feels like in a simulated environment. Others are serious about their space endeavors and take the training as an actual preparation for a future commercial space flight.

About the founder: Nancy Vermeulen
Nancy Vermeulen is an interdisciplinary professional with a broad range of experience in the space science and aerospace sector as an astrophysicist, airline pilot, flight instructor, senior aerospace consultant and strategic advisor. She took part in the ESA astronaut selections (2008), organized the 8th European Mars Conference and was commander of a Mars simulation mission. As a visionary entrepreneur she specialized in Private Astronaut Training and founded the Space Training Academy. She is also a published author – she wrote the book “Iedereen Ruimtevaarder”.

How to get in touch
The training facilities of the Space Training Academy are spread across Belgium and The Netherlands. Candidates can send their applications to [email protected] or consult https://space-training.com/ for more information.


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