The Society for Arts and Technology [SAT]

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The Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] is a research and creation laboratory that multiplies technological possibilities and the hybridization of realities and artistic disciplines. For over 25 years, it has been a place of discovery, collective learning and immersive experimentation where generations of artists meet and new trends are revealed. With its creation program, the SAT accompanies artists and supports the emergence of new forms of artistic expression. As a multidisciplinary space, the SAT offers immersive experiences in its famous dome, concerts, performances, conferences, exhibitions, training and youth activities.

The SAT’s reputation as a leader in immersive technologies is based on its vast experience in R&D, which has been merging science, art and technology for over twenty years. This research, addressing the themes of telepresence and multisensorial collective immersion, is articulated around an ecosystem of open source software that aims to stimulate the emergence of innovative immersive experiences and make their design accessible to creators. SAT’s research work has led to important innovations in collective immersion such as the Satosphere, the Scenic telepresence solution and the Satellite metaverse.

Recognized by Quebec’s Ministry of Economy and Innovation as a public research center, SAT offers R&D support to organizations whose mission is to disseminate, preserve and promote culture, and who want to offer the public an innovative and engaging cultural experience while positioning themselves at the forefront of techno-cultural trends. Its wide range of prototyping techniques makes it possible to bring the most visionary or technical ideas to life. The SAT also offers creators access to a state-of the-art technological infrastructure that aims to facilitate the experimentation, creation and dissemination of innovative collective immersive experiences. The SAT hybridizes expertise to continue pushing the boundaries of artistic possibilities.

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