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Is a sales training and development company that recruits high-level students from the University of Florida and teaches them B2B sales development skills

Where students learn, entrepreneurs grow, & companies thrive. The Selling Factory is a sales training and development company that recruits high-level students from the University of Florida and teaches them B2B sales development skills. Companies around the world hire our teams to replicate the job function of Sales Development Representatives to build a sales process, fuel current sales team and do market research.

To help companies reach and surpass their growth goals, our teams perform:

  • Inbound lead nurturing calling campaigns
  • Outbound calling to set demos and meetings
  • LinkedIn profile growth campaigns
  • Consulting and implementation with CRMs and marketing automation platforms
  • Driving sales traffic for pre and post trade show
  • Researching and building B2B prospecting lists

The power of our model ensures that companies:

  • Reduce Impact of Employee Departures Our team strategy eliminates internal turnover, which costs companies millions in lost productivity.
  • Increase Productivity through Micro-Work Working 2 to 4 hours per day, 4 student interns replicate 1 full-time internal employee.
  • Receive High-Caliber Talent at an Affordable Price Elite students work part-time to perform the tasks of full-time internal employees at more affordable rates.


Our Beginnings

After two years of mentoring and coaching all types of businesses, both large and small in the field of sales development, Brad Gamble found that most companies do not have the experience or knowledge to build and manage a high-performing selling environment within their company. With his 15 years of experience at Infinite Energy, eight of which as VP of Sales & Marketing, managing the sales and marketing team of ~100 people, he understood the challenges and sought to create a new solution. In a serendipitous conversation with Adam Grossman, the CEO of non-profit organization focused on engaging college students, the idea of The Selling Factory was born. In October 2016, The Selling Factory opened its doors, and as the organization grew, the co-founders sought an additional partner to join the team. Ian Massenburg moved from VP of Partnerships with a B2B SaaS product to head the sales operations team at The Selling Factory. As visionaries and implementers, this founding team has the tools and expertise to transfer this business from a lifestyle to an enterprise.

Why The Selling Factory is Unique

Strategically located next to a top-ranked academic university, The Selling  Factory (TSF) supplements a company’s end-to-end sales process by teaching  highly qualified, talented students and recent graduates to replicate the sales functions of full-time sales employees. With a leadership team  experienced in building, growing and coaching sales teams, TSF partners  with companies to become  their Sales Development Representatives (SDR), Account Executives (AE) and Sales Management (SM) team. This solution eliminates the expenses forfeited with current options, so that small and  medium  businesses can access top talent to implement growth strategies,  save time and energy on managing teams, and eliminate sales turnover, all at a much more affordable price than hiring full-time, risky  employees.

The costs associated with sales volume, budgets, time and energy prevent  small and medium size  businesses from hiring highly talented sales professionals to expand their business and increase market  share. While  many options exist to streamline sales operations, most prove ineffective.  Businesses  need  a better option.

Future Plans

Over the course of 2019, The Selling Factory team supported 23 clientcompanies with B2B lead generation, list-building, email campaigns, and phone campaigns. We closed over $1.6 million in new business for our clients, booked approximately 900 sales meetings and demos, and built B2B lead lists of over 70,000 contacts and decision-makers. While most of our  clients are based in Gainesville, we also worked with clients in Chicago, New York, Denver, and Tampa.

Since its founding, The Selling Factory doubled revenue from 2018 to 2019, and for 2020 the goal is to nearly double again. However, not at the expense of controlled and profitable growth. The dream is to launch The Selling Factory concept in other top 25 college towns across the country. Go Buckeyes! Go Bulldogs! Go Aggies!, Go Badgers!, Go Buffaloes!?

The Selling Factory

1090 NW 8th Ave, Suite 20
Gainesville, FL 32601

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