The Pitch - An Annual Competition To Find Britain’s Best New Startup




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The Pitch is an annual competition that aims to find Britain’s best new startup. It’s run by Box 2 Media, although it’s been in different hands in the past. The Pitch is over a decade old, so we’ve had the chance to meet and support some amazing businesses over the years.


The competition is split into two parts: our boot camps and the final. We take 250 startups to free boot camps around the country, where they attend workshops to boost their business knowledge. The focus is usually on areas like sales, marketing and finance, but it changes each year. The startups always work with a pitching coach too, who will help them with the content or delivery of their pitch.

At the end of a boot camp, each startup pitches to a room of their peers. It’s always a really friendly and supportive atmosphere – we often see founders helping each other with their pitches beforehand and keeping in touch after the event. The Pitch is unique in that way. Even though it’s a competition, everyone ends up rooting for other businesses to do well.

The top 15 startups go through to a grand final in London, where they pitch to an audience of entrepreneurs, journalists and investors. They have the chance to win one-on-one mentoring with our judging panel, which is made up of industry-leading entrepreneurs.

The Pitch has inevitably gone through changes over the years, but it continues to thrive because it’s created a lasting community. We’re still in touch with people who competed years ago.

Unlike other competitions, it’s never been about pitting startups against each other. The Pitch celebrates startup stories and gives founders the skills and inspiration they need to succeed.

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