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About Me
It was five months of extremely strict bed rest, completely flat on my back, that allowed me to conceptualize, develop and launch my company; The Mindful Scholar. As a former Senior Auditor at KPMG, I spent much of my first pregnancy figuring out how to give children the same mindful tools I learned as a child – tools that proved invaluable to me as I grew up. I knew when I got pregnant that the most important thing I wanted to offer my children was mindfulness. That’s when it hit me. It shouldn’t just be my child who gets access to these tools. All children deserve this. Since then, with over 30 years of personal mindfulness practice and formal certification, I now have a deep sense of duty and responsibility in me, to bring these same tools to all children worldwide.

Rekha Magon Founder & CEO

Holding a double major in Accounting & Human Resources from McGill University, a Chartered Accountancy Diploma from John Molson School of Business and having worked as a Senior Auditor at KPMG for many years before starting The Mindful Scholar, I’ve been able to expand my communication and organizational skills while also having the ability to manage multiple responsibilities and teams within tight deadlines. This experience allowed me to take the best practices of the corporate world and integrate it into my startup.

The Company
With the plethora of emerging technologies, today’s youth are completely overwhelmed by external stimuli and distractions. This also brings about added social and emotional issues, such as lack of focus, lack of interpersonal skills and lack of self-awareness all leading to increased stress and anxiety. It is no surprise then, that currently 15% of preschoolers suffer from depression and are already on some form of medication.

To address this gap, at The Mindful Scholar we’ve built a subscription-based online mindfulness platform for K-12 schools and parents that increases students’ EQ (emotional intelligence). Countless research indicates that learning, thinking and creating are all directly related to the state of one’s mind. With a mindful and heightened state of mind, the learning centers of the brain are activated. Our goal is to completely transform education by providing schools with tools to maximize their students’ higher-order functioning parts of the brain.

In the near future, we will be adding existing biofeedback technology to our learning aids, real-time feedback to our platform and using Augmented Reality to help students reach emotional equilibrium. The goal would be to couple mindfulness and existing technologies to raise the bar in education with realtime personalized EQ learning.

“With captivating and engaging techniques, The Mindful Scholar is my top recommendation for giving your children the lifelong gift of mindfulness. Simple yet effective, you will watch your children blossom into healthy, connected and creative bundles of joy. Every parent and school should use The Mindful Scholar’s tools to nurture your children’s whole being.”

- Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist. New York Times Best-Selling Author. Oprah’s Parenting Expert

The Mindful Scholar

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