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The Handwriting Company helps companies better engage their customers through the power of the handwritten letters. Customers buy from companies that make them feel valued and a handwritten letter is an incredibly effective way to make a customer feel like they are having a truly personalised and tailored experienced.

The Handwriting Co unites next-generation technology and heart (human empathy & emotion) to scale thoughtfulness, create wow moments, and get mind-blowing results. Through Artificial Intelligence that can learn anyone’s handwriting and Advanced Printing Technology that can print handwritten notes at scale anywhere in the world, they have fully automated the process of creating handwritten to allow organisations to utilise it in an accessible, affordable and flexible manner.

Through CRM & Ecommerce integrations, as well as their customer interface, you can utilise handwritten in a trigger or time-based fashion to engage prospects and customers without having to set up.

Built on research-driven AI (artificial intelligence), Machine Vision and Style Transfer technology, The Handwriting Company’s system can learn the inconsistencies and variabilities of anyone’s handwriting even Albert Einstein’s (as shown in the image).

Bristol is one of the leading UK cities in marketing, with the largest number of marketing agencies outside of London. It is also a city driven by technology and innovation. There are a growing number of companies that sit in-between these two words and we believe we are one of the companies leading this. Creativity and technology combined.

Keep it lean and simple to begin with. For the first year of our operations, we spent no money and all of our time talking to customers with our MVP service. By doing this, you get to actually test your assumptions quickly (without other unnecessary factors getting in the way), build a team that can do it with nothing and gain respect from investors when you eventually raise.

In terms of marketing-specific advice, our advice would be to think about going offline in engaging with customers. Digital Marketing is incredibly effective but is becoming more and more saturated – by going Offline (with traditional direct mail or handwritten), you can catch people’s attention more effectively and get away from the assault of online.


The company was founded in 2016 by Robert Van Den Bergh and Alex Robinson. After undertaking a marketing internship and having to spend 3 weeks writing out letters for cold prospects, Robert discovered how effective handwritten is as a communication channel but equally how time-consuming it is. From that point, Rob and Alex started researching how the communication channel could be automated. 3 years and a lot of research later and they have built a team to help companies across Europe, Asia, and America to utilise handwritten at scale.

We are the only company in Europe fully automating the process of creating handwritten marketing at scale. All of the other providers in our space have people writing out letters and envelopes for their customers. As a result, we can provide the solution in a more accessible, affordable and timely manner.

Handwritten letters, envelopes, and postcards for marketing and product personalisation at scale.

We are serving customers across Europe, Asia and America and have been fully self-funded to date. Customer Testimonial :

“We used The Handwriting Company for a recent direct mailshot campaign. We wanted to try something that would really stand out when it landed on the doormat, and this campaign did not disappoint. The handwritten technology is so convincing and certainly had us fooled when we received a sample through the post! Based on our entire campaign spend (which included printing and mailing too), our return on investment was 432% which was a fantastic result! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Handwriting Company to other hotels and businesses. They offer a truly unique service and are so professional and helpful. They worked seamlessly with our print and mail-house to ensure that our campaign was delivered on time and to a very high standard.”

Alex Holme, Elgin Hotel

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