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Our future starts 2 centuries ago. In 1840, two of the greatest human inventions, the monkey wrench and the algorithm, were made. Loring Coes invented the monkey wrench, a crucial tool for maintenance and the industrial revolution. In the UK, Ada Lovelace invented the very first computer program for the mechanical Analytical Engine, made by Charles Babbage, the father of computers. Almost two(2) centuries later, wrench and computer program merge into a new, AI permeated production world.

Made in AIntwerp
The DNA of The Grain also lies in this double helix of industry and AI. Our company was created after a unique merger of two established companies: one with a proven track record in industrial asset management and the other a data science company in the supply chain industry. Since 2020 we’ve been working together from the Beacon, the Antwerp hub for AI and innovation, for companies in Belgium, Europe and the rest of the world.

Visionaries from Belgium
Although Belgium is a small country, it has been big in innovation for centuries thanks to a unique mix of knowledge, capital and strong, worldwide interconnections. At the beginning of the industrial revolution, Belgium was a pioneer and became one of the largest economic powers in the world. Two centuries later, The Grain wants to take up the innovation role once again by bringing the human at the center of the AI revolution. Combining human skills with smart technology is what makes exponential growth possible.

From idea to AIndustry
Adopting an agile approach is the best way to become an AIndustry. Explore opportunities and define a business case through workshops. Get convinced with a prototype. Deploy and integrate our solutions into your processes. Scale and roll out for lasting impact. Rinse and repeat, until you reach operational excellence

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The Grain offers solutions for various industries, focusing on all aspects of your plant, its full context, both downstream and upstream processes. We help our customers optimize their production planning, processes, asset optimization, demand forecasting and supply chain.

“The most important impact that technology has is how it changes people. It is at its best when it brings people together!”– CEO , Dirk De Nutte

People are central to every solution that The Grain develops. Because in the industrial renaissance 2.0 the interaction between man, machine and algorithm plays a key role. This clear mission is at the heart of all solutions created by The Grain, from our off-the-shelf products to 100% tailormade solutions.

Prepare your business for the AI revolution.

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We help industrial companies achieve operational excellence through accessible and scalable AI solutions and computer vision.

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