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A boutique, independently-owned commercial real estate firm established in 1919




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The Garibaldi Group is a boutique, independently-owned commercial real estate firm established in 1919. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the real estate landscape at every turn. Building off our successful partnership at Bell Works, our team aims to cultivate more groundbreaking commercial projects around New Jersey and strengthen the state’s innovation economy with more boots on the ground.


New Jersey is indeed ‘a barrel tapped at both ends’ and we’ve spent the past 100 years embracing this challenge. Since 1919, we’ve invested in our clients who believe in New Jersey’s potential by providing top tier representation. With a dedicated team in place, we believe in building relationships that last, not ‘one-and-done’ transactions.

Our determination is evident in the continued success of our Corporate Services team who is now responsible for a portfolio of over 35 million square feet nationwide. Since 1999, the team has remained a pillar of our commercial real estate business, consulting clients on consolidating their footprint, lease administration, site selection and other duties that are increasingly outsourced in today’s corporate arena.


Today, we are focused on taking the experience gained from partnering with larger corporate clients and combining it with the hands-on work with rapidly-growing technology start-ups. This allows us to offer a platform that helps young and growing businesses at any stage plan, prepare and advance to that next level.

In 2013, The Garibaldi Group was hired as the leasing agent for over one million square feet of vacant office space in Holmdel at the all-butabandoned Bell Labs complex. Our team believed in the plans that Ralph Zucker and his firm, Somerset Development, had crafted for repurposing the iconic campus, but “there was so much unknown when we walked into that situation,” Jeff Garibaldi Jr. said.


“Ralph was a serious guy who had a serious vision. He clearly had the town behind him, which was a huge step for the project. As long as he could live up to what he was proposing, we thought it would be successful,” Garibaldi said. “By no means did we think it would be this successful.”

Our dedicated team has leased 95% of the office space at Bell Works, totaling nearly 1.25 million square feet.

At our headquarters, we’ve also leveraged the suburbian success of Bell Works’ Co-Lab, renovating the first floor of our building to create a brand new coworking space in Chatham, NJ. The Station, as we’ve aptly named it, is now 70% leased three months after opening.


Jeff Garibaldi, Sr, President

“The Bell Works project has challenged, motivated and enabled us every single day, and The Garibaldi Group is a better company for it. When we first moved our team into the building in 2013, the atrium floor was littered with puddles from leaky skylight panels and the project was running on a hope and a prayer. At the time, I would regularly quote Bruce Springsteen: ‘Someday we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny.’ Today, we get to smile.”


Jim Garibaldi, CEO

“Our philosophy has been, and continues to be focused on cultivating an entrepreneurial-spirited, boutique and independent real estate firm. We strive to have a company of quality individuals,  who are both highly skilled and of high  character. This enables us to be nimble and agile, always in a position to  pivot  when we see change in the business climate.”


Michael Staskiewicz, Managing Broker

“In the book, The Laws of Lifetime Growth, Dan Sullivan talks about the Zen concept of ‘the beginner’s mind’. It states that if you always approach life from the perspective of a novice, no matter your experience, you’ll find novel solutions. That really began to resonate with me. The Garibaldi Group’s desire [or openness] to be innovators in our industry helped confirm my sense that this could be the place for the next chapter of my career.


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