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Frontier technologies are thriving in Vancouver. The region is a talent engine and hub for VR/AR, AI, Cleantech, Web3, Robotics, Biotech/Healthtech, and so many more industries. Vancouver has an immense opportunity to lead the world in frontier tech, ushering in a new wave of transformation, economic prosperity and high-paying jobs, but it needs the right investment and support to do so.

The Frontier Collective is a coalition of leaders in tech, culture and community driving forward the development and support of frontier technologies. The non-traditional organization promotes the region’s tech industry on the world stage, grows investment and infrastructure for early-stage companies and attracts diverse talent to Vancouver. By building on the city’s established tech ecosystem, the Frontier Collective aims to position Vancouver as the emergent tech capital of Canada and a top-five global leader in frontier technology by 2030.

Vancouver is an established innovation cluster and has the potential to become the premier destination for bleeding-edge tech. Right now, there’s a gap for early-stage, foundational support needed for startups to thrive. The Frontier Collective focuses on attracting and multiplying the talent pool, growing investment into the region, and encouraging confluence within these industries. As Vancouver transitions away from a resource-intensive economy, local tech stories and successes need to be amplified to create a new narrative to raise the profile of our region.

The Frontier Collective has been leading tech advocacy for the region throughout the 2022. The Collective hosted the extremely successful and popular Vancouver Takeover at Collision Conference in Toronto, along with the inaugural Frontier Summit that brought several international delegations, thought leaders and hundreds of billions of dollars in market cap into the same room to matchmake and amplify Vancouver. The Collective conducted external advocacy work in 2022 to Europe, Japan and the United States, on behalf of both local government and industry. And it took over South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin to connect startups and local industry with major global brands.

The Frontier Collective has a vested interest in revitalizing the downtown core and believes strongly that physical placemaking and collaboration is at the heart of breaking down silos to encourage innovation and is championing a central innovation hub within the city.

The aim of the Frontier Collective is to push innovation and growth forward in Vancouver. It wants to build a new future that will last for generations by focusing on three key areas: communications and advocacy, talent and scaling our ecosystem. With this, Vancouver is in a unique position to lead the world in the technologies that will define our future lives.

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