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Our Mission-To bring Economy and Ecology Together

The Ecological Entrepreneur (T-EE) is born out of a simple belief: actual, sustainable progress by bringing economy and ecology together. This is necessary to maintain our current level of prosperity, well-being and to protect our natural assets. Every stakeholder is part of it and influences the system and ultimately the state of our planet.

Sebastiaan De Block, Founder

A new way to create value
As a society, we have lost the ability to think multifacetedly. Ecological organizations often experience challenges with their commercialization. On the other hand, many companies do not know where to start in reducing their environmental impact. Bringing economy and ecology together requires a balance on both axes.

Sustainability is often associated with reduction, a phase-out or “stop using” in terms of materials and energy. However, a green business model does not aim to “cut” existing processes. The goal is to develop a process in balance with the environment, taking into account all charges and profits. In other words: minimal impact on the environment, for maximum output for prosperity and well-being.

Through the creation of a so called ‘green business model’ we move towards new forms of value creation, which are regenerative and thriving in all domains: economical, environmental and social. The Ecological Entrepreneur pragmatically helps by integrating a network, technology, science and commercial thinking. It becomes possible to gradually make operations more sustainable. Ideally to climate neutrality!.

Data driven predictable revenue
Every successful green business model requires the market as a crucial vehicle. However, after development in R&D, design and realization, commercialization (often perceived as the last step) brings many challenges. Commercial thinking and acting is often unnatural behavior for many, or is perceived as difficult and tedious. Too many services and products, with a positive environmental/ social impact make too little impact due to their limited scale. The Ecological Entrepreneur works together with organizations to (re)design the mindset, processes, structures, techniques and competences to operate successfully. Commercialization as a sustainable balanced process.

The Ecological Entrepreneur helps ecological inspired organizations to realize impactful commercial results. We work across the entire commercial value chain, from marketing to customer success, combined with technology and process automations.

The result? Data driven predicable revenue!

What does commercialization entail?
“Bring economy and ecology together”. That’s what we aim to achieve.
Ecological impact goes hand in hand with economical reach and success. By commercialization we mean bringing a product or solution successful to its (new or existing) target market. Our approach focusses the integration off five pillars, each necessary to accomplish commercial successes:

1. Marketing to generate awareness and commercial leads
2. Business Development as liaison between marketing and sales, focusing on opportunity generation
3. Sales as beat of the drum in pipeline management and optimal conversion
4. Account Management for optimal customer satisfaction and relationship management
5. Customer Success to increase revenue per customer by cross-sell and up-sell

Since we live in a digital world, commercial results without data, digital or automated approaches are unimageable for us. At The Ecological Entrepreneur we believe technology supports our approach by enabling more efficiency and reachability, to focus on our main goal.

We bring Economy & Ecology together
With our unique combination of technology – and content-driven methods we generate data driven predictable revenue for our clients, and help them achieve their economic goals in order to increase their ecological impact.

This is how we bring economy and ecology together, every day.

The Ecological Entrepreneur

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