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Established in 2008, the Consortium for Research and Innovation in Industrial Bioprocesses in Quebec (CRIBIQ) is considered the catalyst of innovation in the province’s biobased economy – also known as biosourced economy. By bringing together applied research, innovation, and entrepreneurship, the CRIBIQ supports the agrifood, environmental, and industrial bioproducts sectors working in the context of a so-called biobased economy, which is based on the production and valorization of agricultural, forest, marine, and residual bioresources. Being a key opportunity for Quebec and its regions in terms of economic growth and job creation, this biosourced economy is crucial for the transition towards a green, decarbonized, circular, and sustainable economy.

Mohammed Benyagoub, Founder and president-CEO of the Consortium for Research and Innovation in Industrial Bioprocesses in Quebec (CRIBIQ)

The CRIBIQ’s mission is to promote and support innovation in the biosourced economy. Thus, by federating organizations and actors of the biobased economy around structuring and mobilizing initiatives, it contributes to the expansion of technological knowledge, ensures access to cutting-edge infrastructures, takes part in the training of highly qualified personnel, stimulates the innovation ecosystem, and favors the creation and growth of innovative companies. The consortium also maximizes the transfer and impact of technological innovation, reinforces the adoption of environmentally friendly technologies by industries, and encourages the assimilation of the best practices associated with sustainable development.


As of March 2022, the CRIBIQ had a total of 225 members, including companies, public research institutes (universities, CCTTs, government research centers), and industrial federations and associations. The presence of these coalitions within its membership allows the consortium to serve 22,000+ private organizations. Moreover, through the funding of 250+ innovative projects, the CRIBIQ generated significant outcomes worth $200+M in 2021-2022, of which $87M were granted by the consortium.

Thanks to its team of high-level knowledge and expertise, the consortium organizes largescale networking activities and major events, offering hundreds of stakeholders the chance to develop privileged partnerships and alliances. The CRIBIQ also participates in the realization of studies aiming to better orient the strategic purposes of the activities and projects related to its promising field as well as to propose green solutions to alleviate the industries’ dependency on fossil energies.


For a high value-added biosourced economy in Quebec
Through its financing programs, the CRIBIQ mobilizes itself to ensure the economic prosperity, sovereignty, and vitality of Quebec’s regions by offering its support to companies at all stages of growth, propelling them from development to commercialization, thereby positioning Quebec as a world leader of innovation in the industrial sectors of the biobased economy.

*The CRIBIQ is one of the nine industrial research clusters (RSRI) created and funded by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, and Energy.

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