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The Austin Forum on Technology & Society brings people together to learn about emerging and pervasive technologies and their importance, impact, and influence in society.


Hundreds gather every month in Austin’s largest monthly technology event series to hear experts explain technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, the Internet of Things, social media, robotics, clean energy, spaceflight, cybersecurity, and more. Speakers also discuss how these technologies are shaping business, government, education, entertainment, culture, and society in general. Austin Forum speakers include thought leaders and innovators, researchers and creators, executives and policy makers; Austin Forum attendees come from a great diversity of jobs and professions, expertise areas and levels, and interests and backgrounds. What brings everyone together are the desires to learn and grow, to advance technology capabilities and adoption, and to improve society.

They come to meet other like-minded Austinites, forge new relationships and collaborations, and advance their own contributions to technology and society.

The Austin Forum on Technology & Society attendance has grown steadily over 13 years as people recognize the importance of understanding and discussing the implications of technologies. With the rising Austin population and the mounting importance of technology in our lives, the Austin Forum is expanding its reach through podcasts and blog posts to bring more information and insights from more Austin thought leaders and experts to more people, while also exploring how to conduct more types of events around the city. The Austin Forum is about community as much as it is about technology and society, and it has become a foundation in the Austin community for learning, networking, inspiration, collaboration, and innovation.

The Austin Forum on Technology & Society welcomes everyone to its monthly events, which are free and open to everyone. Please see www.austinforum.org for more information, and contact Austin Forum director and founder Jay Boisseau ([email protected]) if you have expertise you wish to share with the community!

The Austin Forum on Technology & Society

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