Calgary is one of the fastest-growing tech centres in North America, and The Agency is at the heart of the community, acting as the go-to strategic communications partner for some of the city’s – and Canada’s – most innovative B2B companies. Founded in 2009, The Agency boasts a national roster of clients in technology, innovation, and affiliated sectors.

“We live and breathe innovation,” says Arleigh Vasconcellos, Managing Director. “We’ve built our reputation on learning deeply about our clients’ business and then tailoring a precise PR and marketing strategy that will launch them successfully into the market or significantly transform their opportunities.”

Vasconcellos founded The Agency because of her own fascination with technology, innovation, and companies that break the mold. Over the last 12 years, she has built a like-minded team of communicators drawn from diverse industries and backgrounds, including the corporate sector, energy, the arts, academia, and journalism. Today, The Agency crafts compelling marketing and communications strategies for government policymakers and venture capital firms, multinationals, and innovative technology companies in the agtech, cleantech, app development, and bioengineering spaces, among others.

Among the most valuable services offered by The Agency is Vasconcellos’ story-telling workshop, where startups and early-stage companies learn to articulate, refine, and pitch their ideas to the media and investors. It’s challenging, it’s personal, and it’s reflective of the hands-on approach that The Agency team takes to every engagement; for all their tech knowledge, they still believe in the old-fashioned business principle of maintaining strong and authentic relationships with their clients.

The founder and CEO of successful Calgary-based startup Engineered Intelligence, Ted Zalucki, praises The Agency’s talent for getting right into the mix and treating clients like partners. “The team are absolutely top caliber professionals, who not only know the PR and marketing world inside out, but also constructively challenge us to get at the heart of what makes our business tick. Getting in that deep resonates with every tactic we implement together and leads to value we would have otherwise not realized without their support.”

The Agency’s tenacious approach to strategic communications and focus on innovation has helped it double in size over the last two years, and the team is now poised to expand its client base significantly – even internationally. Collectively, the team has more than 50 years of international experience, and they’re eager to expand their reach and network while continuing their work to bring Calgary’s most innovative companies into the global spotlight.

“Our talent lies in helping innovators tell their stories — compellingly, creatively, and to the right people,” says Vasconcellos. “We embrace the challenge of working in the B2B space and finding unique ways to get in front of audiences and help our clients stand out amongst their competitors.

The Agency received the 2018 and 2019 Best Boutique Agency in North America Award (Silver) by the Bulldog Stars of PR Awards.

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