Mission and outreach in Quebec
Support and promote research and innovation in Quebec with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of businesses, here and abroad. Our mission at the ADRIQ (The Association pour le Développement de la Recherche et de l’Innovation du Québec) guides us in our objectives, actions, operations, and programs offered to the ecosystem.

The ADRIQ is made up of a dynamic and efficient team, always ready to take on new challenges. This team fine-tunes the programs and activities targeting our mission and promotes them in Quebec through targeted actions and communications as well as through our network of 38 expert advisers from the Réseau conseil en technologie et en innovation (RCTi).


Innovation clinics
The ADRIQ’s innovation clinics bring together experts from several fields to share their expertise with them. The Innovation Clinics target businesses across the province and offer content addressing the specifics of each region.


Trans Num
The RCTi expert advisers also specialize in digital transformation for businesses, in the vast majority of industries. The ADRIQ’s digital transformation program, Trans Num, supports companies with strategies that focus primarily on people.


Artificial intelligence
Our consolidated efforts for the adaptation and integration of 5G technology in businesses rely mainly on the possibilities and capabilities of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. We offer support with several partners in Quebec to promote these innovative technologies.


Innovation Award
Each year, the ADRIQ rewards innovators with the Prix Innovation Awards, the most prestigious event highlighting innovation. A category exclusively targeting innovation in artificial intelligence was recently created, given the wealth of potential candidates in Quebec.

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