Christophe Muratet

Director of Innovation and Design for Thales in North America




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The world around us is changing fast. Today’s global business climate is driving organizations to review, renew and refocus their strategies and the way they approach the marketplace in a 24/7 connected world. Promising technology is not enough. Organizations have less maneuverability now that global competitors entered their geographical marketplace – digitally.

Thales recognized the shifting landscape along with the simultaneous realignment of digital transformations around the world. In October 2017, Thales announced the creation of the Centre of Research and Technology in Artificial Intelligence eXpertise (cortAIx), in Montreal. It is another building block of the company’s digital strategy and one of the key initiatives to empower our customers with decisive technologies to master all of their decisive moments – from the bottom of oceans to the depths of space and cyberspace.

Focusing on Lean Startup, Business Model Design, Customer Development and Design Thinking, cortAIx enables organizations to approach problem-solving in ways thought impossible just years ago. By leveraging the combined expertise of MILA, IVADO, CENTECH and the rich Artificial Intelligence ecosystem consisting of individual talents and startups, Montréal is the ideal location to develop and launch cortAIx. Thales will capitalize and utilize these diverse and innovative communities by working together toward a sustainable, human-centric digital transformation future.

Christophe Muratet is Director of Innovation and Design for Thales in North America. He is a digital strategist who partners with global corporations to develop and sustain innovation strategies in a B2B environment. He has developed new products and business models that helped expand the core product portfolio of established business units around the world in several industries: aerospace, defence and transportation. In addition to his engineering and innovation experience, Christophe is a certified scrum professional, an award-winning technologist and an advisor on several boards, including UMRsu and NOOVO. He holds a MEng in Computer Systems and Software Engineering from the University of Versailles, France; and professional certifications in Platform Strategy for Business from Boston University, and Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business from Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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