Is composed of a team of ocean enthusiasts, technologists, problem solvers, and makers dedicated to advancing ocean exploration




We exist to empower humanity with full access and visibility of deep sea data that enables a deeper understanding and accountability of impact to drive better decision making.


We believe that a deeper understanding of the oceans is achievable through technological advancements in robotic autonomy and data visualization — and that deeper understanding of our oceans is critical to better decision-making and valuable to a wide range of potential customers. “Better decision-making” means a few things in our eyes: Taking into consideration the species that spend their lives undersea and how humanity is impacting those species


Viewing Earth, and her ocean, through a holistic, systems lens, refusing to allow any habitat disruption, subsea construction, or subsea resource exploitation without thorough and detailed data analysis.


Terradepth’s goal is
To be the go-to entity for interaction with the ocean.

To create the largest, most diverse, and highest resolution ocean data set in the world.

To fundamentally improve human capability to interact with and make decisions from ocean data.

To achieve freedom of action associated with monetization of the ocean data set.

To create massive abundance for our stakeholders.


Why does Terradepth do it? By turning Earth’s oceans into an immersive and accurate virtual world, we can connect humanity with the last frontier on our planet. Our ultimate purpose at Terradepth is in service to mankind and to our planet.


Purpose is at the heart of any elite organization. It’s admirable to build a profitable company, it is another thing to build a profitable company that adds meaning to the lives of its stakeholders. We aren’t interested in just being a part of a successful business; we want to work with people who are united in their service to a shared purpose. The fruits of our labor will give humans a holistic reasoning of Earth for the first time in history. The discoveries that we facilitate will lead to new medical treatments, will inform environmental regulation, will solve historical puzzles, and will connect people with the ocean in a way never before possible.


Our vision is to be the creators of a comprehensive, immersive, and accurate virtual ocean to connect humanity with Earth’s last frontier.

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