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TERA-print is a nanotechnology company that is unlocking the power of ultrahigh precision prototyping with their innovative desktop nanoprinters. This technology is disrupting the way next-generation come to life, such as miniaturized sensors 1/100th the size of your fingernail, highly accurate diagnostic tests for diseases from cancer to Alzheimer’s, and model organs-on-a-chip that behave just like the ones in your body.


Existing ultra-highly precise nanofabrication technologies were originally developed for the semiconductor industry and are largely incompatible with biological materials, and, as a result are not applicable to the broader community of scientists and engineers. Furthermore, these technologies impose tradeoffs between fabrication precision and speed, which can stifle innovation in many respects. TERA-print’s technology enables researchers to utilize a wide spectrum of desirable materials faster and cheaper than ever before, while also promising to revolutionize ultrahigh precision prototyping in a similar way 3D printing has transformed manufacturing.


TERA-print’s technology democratizes access to the nanoscale breaking a longstanding barrier for a wide range of researchers where this type of technology was previously inaccessible. In doing so, allowing the development of a new generation of functional devices for a wide variety of applications, significantly cutting time from concept to product. For example, the next at-home virus test, health monitoring feature on your Apple watch, or a revolutionary anti-aging drug may all start with TERA-print’s innovative technology. These tools are already being used by academic, government, and industry researchers in 7 countries on 3 continents.




TERA-print’s tools have been recognized by the world’s biggest optics and photonics organization, the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE), by winning the 2020 Prism award in the Life Sciences category. More recently, TERA-print’s tools won the 2021 Chicago Innovation award for best new technology. In both competitions TERA-print was competing against multi-billion-dollar companies. The company’s technology has spawned new business opportunities with VC-backed companies, drawing interest from some of the world’s largest corporations in the agriculture, biotechnology, energy, and chemical Industries.

TERA-print – A New and Powerful Way to Nanofabricate.

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