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In order to win in the Digital Age, IT leaders need to free themselves from daily IT challenges and focus on the data and applications that will enhance customer experiences and ultimately grow and differentiate their business. That’s why TenFour designed the first private domain, global Networking & Communications as a Service subscription product. We’ve taken the Cloud model and applied it to the foundational technology that powers business. From routers and switches to Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) systems and Internet of Things (IoT) integrations, we deliver the reliability and performance IT leaders need to drive digital transformation.

It certainly isn’t breaking news that innovation is essential for companies trying to stay ahead of their competition and lead their industry. But the hard truth is that innovation requires change, and too many organizations are afraid to embrace it. To thrive a company must be willing to learn from the past and leave it behind. That’s where TenFour comes in. The world is in the middle of Digital Age revolution that has seen more and more processes and industries moving towards subscription models. We saw it when Netflix edged out Blockbuster, we saw it when Spotify edged out the iTunes store and physical CDs, and we’re seeing it again in the technologies that power modern business. It no longer makes sense for organizations to buy and manage every single piece of their technology infrastructure. Why keep track of installing, monitoring, and refreshing a multitude of equipment and services when this work can be handled with one, all-in monthly cost?

TenFour’s proprietary Networking & Communications as a Service (NCaaS) offering allows companies to free up their time and resources to focus on innovative new projects. We do this by taking the Cloud model and applying it across five platforms—Networking, Communications, Network Security, IoT, and Physical Infrastructure. We not only design, install, operate, monitor, maintain, and refresh our service; we retain ownership and responsibility for all of its components and pass on none of the risk. TenFour’s service provides the foundation on which you can build the future of your business. With our team behind them, our customers have been able to complete the digital initiatives that help them stand out from the crowd! Centralized catering ordering systems, AI-based beauty apps, smart “virtual try-on” mirrors in retail shops—we’ve been proud to support their goals and wildest dreams.



Our partners’ ability to complete these projects hinges on a few key advantages of TenFour’s service. We help companies reclaim employee time and energy, reduce Total Cost of Ownership, and lower IT expenses. And because we proactively maintain, monitor, and repair every element of our service, our customers experience fewer defects, less down time, and a higher degree of scalability, as well as a suite of robust security benefits.

TenFour knows what it takes to innovate. We were founded as Alliant Technologies in 1998 and have seen several transformations since. In 2006, we established our 24/7/365 U.S.-based Network Operations Center. In 2012, we became the first to offer subscription-based IT infrastructure services. In 2014, we spun off the Research and Development arm of our company into its own organization, Red Forge. And in 2017, we rebranded our entire company.

We heard the frustrations our customers were having with the IT industry, saw a path for the future, and developed a plan. Message received. TenFour.

Our service continues to evolve and grow with the industry and our customers. In 2019, we dropped our Value-Added Reselling (VAR) business entirely because we’re committed to innovation. We saw no reason to keep doing things the way the IT industry had for decades when the future is so inviting. We know that our service allows customers more time and money to innovate and push their own industries forward.  Our team is full of passionate, fearless innovators who are energized to ignite change and pave a new path forward. TenFour is proud to evolve the IT industry so we can give our partners the tools they need to change theirs.

Honor. Fearlessness. Innovation.

When entering TenFour’s HQ, visitors are immediately greeted with these words which are proudly displayed on our lobby wall. They are our values and we take them very seriously. Our team acts with honesty and integrity, seeks what is best for our customers, and takes responsibility for our actions. We challenge the status quo, take smart risks and do what we think is right—even when the rest of the market is doing something very different. And we think boldly and differently, always looking for better ways of doing things. Each member of our team—from Account and Project Managers to Customer Success Executives to Technical and Solutions Architects—is committed to living these values every day. By doing so, we’ve created a fearless and honor-driven environment that empowers our employees, customers, and partners to reimagine IT.

The IT Imperative: Accelerate Digital Transformation

The companies that will win in the Digital Age are those who create exceptional, immersive customer experiences that will excite and engage their users and differentiate them from competition. To achieve these goals, IT leaders need the freedom to worry less about day-to-day activities and focus more on delivering the IT imperatives that support and grow their business. Data, software, and interactive end-user applications are the keys to success. These include initiatives like Internet of Things (IoT) projects that transform how manufacturers run their plants or smart mirrors and shelves that make it easier for retail visitors to shop. These digital feats are endless when you have time, budget, and people to transform your business. The problem is, most organizations don’t have these resources. Or they’re dedicating these resources to “keeping the lights on” activities, managing multiple vendors, overcomplicating their supply chain, and accumulating technology debt and security risks. IT leaders need a partner who can help leave the problems of the past behind, so they can accomplish the goals of the future.

 Introducing the Networking & Communications Subscription

TenFour provides Networking & Communications as a Service. We’re not a Cloud computing company, but we’ve taken the Cloud model and extended it beyond compute and storage to the foundational technology that powers an organization. From routers, switches, wireless access points, IP phones and IoT devices, TenFour delivers the reliability and performance IT leaders need to drive digital transformation in one monthly pay-per-use subscription service. We not only design, install, operate, maintain, and refresh IT infrastructures, we retain ownership and responsibility for all of the components and pass on none of the risk to the customer. This holistic service spans five platforms and includes various embedded support features, like monitoring and proactive device refresh. With TenFour’s model, businesses benefit from predictable financing, scalability, speed to deployment, technology upgrades, and greater security.

A Startup with a Rich History

Headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, TenFour is a privately owned organization with a rich history of providing integrated IT solutions to hundreds of corporate customers. And though we have a 20-year history, we’re a growing team with a start-up mentality, eager to offer something new and exciting to the market. We were founded as Alliant Technologies in 1998 by a group of engineers who wanted to design, deploy, and manage sophisticated global communications networks. We built a strong reputation as VAR, winning numerous awards from the biggest and best industry players.

We evolved throughout the years, always keeping our focus on understanding what customers need: lower operational costs, ability to focus on strategic initiatives, predictable expenses, and minimized network downtime. We developed a state-of-the-art 24/7/365 US-based Network Operations Center to provide and support managed services. Yet, we knew this still wasn’t quite enough, so we listened to our customers and the industry and took the leap to launch the first end-to-end Networking & Communications subscription service. And that’s how TenFour was born.

Message received. Today, global enterprises across all 50 states and 36 countries count on TenFour’s model to help them through operational changes, new business ventures, and shifting economic realities. Leading IT analyst firms are saying TenFour has “cloudified the uncloudable” and they anticipate TenFour’s infrastructure solution to be the beginning of an irresistible long-term trend. The rest of the market is quickly taking notice and trying to catch up. Will you be ahead of the curve?



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