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Regenerating Unloved Buildings Into Vibrant Communities


TCN UK focuses on finding unloved buildings and regenerating them into vibrant communities. By taking a long term view on development and ownership, we ensure we are embedded in every community we operate in. Most of our activities are based around workspace with ancillary uses.


TCN UK originated out of a partnership with a Dutch architect. Richard Pearce and Toby Bidwell founded the UK business in 2006, backed by our Dutch partner. Since 2014 TCN UK has been independently owned in the UK.

This Dutch heritage gives an irreverent, surprising edge to the way we develop and the way we manage our completed projects. We don’t look for scale or growth for the sake of it, we look for opportunities where we can help enable businesses to grow and to make positive changes.

We differ from many of our developer competitors by taking a long term view and focusing on repositioning and reuse of unloved buildings. Why knockdown and rebuild something when creative reuse can help deliver cost-effective space.

Our strengths lie in our ability to deliver affordable, flexible space which is original and gives our companies a platform to grow.

Our vision is to continue building a portfolio of creative, independent communities for the long term. If we can enable business growth, positive change and happiness across the UK then we’ll be happy.

Enterprise Zone Business of the Year 2012

-Temple Studios

Claire Young, Account Manager, Digirank:
“Working here, it feels like you’re part of something and the building has a cool, industrial-chic vibe.”

Piers Tinknell, Founder & User Experience Designer / David Darke, Founder & Technical Director, Atomic Smash:
“We have been based in Temple Studios for more than 5 years. It has had a positive impact on our business and has allowed us to grow into our original space and more recently move into a larger space to fit with our growing business requirements.”

Clare van Someren, Senior Landscape Architect, Churchman Landscape Architects:
Temple Studios is a great office to be based in. It manages to effortlessly marry together a relaxed creative environment with a cool, hard-working professional vibe. The refurb of the old industrial buildings has been carried out really well; the spaces are light and airy and retain original elements and character which, as a design office, is important to us. When we bring clients and collaborators in they are all very impressed and the building’s history is a talking point. The location next to Temple Meads makes life easy when travelling to London for meetings.

-Temple 1852

Carlton Bodkin, Director, Practical Architects
“Just walking through the front door of Bristol & Exeter House, wakes me up, and gets me motivated ready for a day at the office. It’s such a special place.”

Andrew Brooke, Associate Architect, SRA Architects:
“The office has genuine character and history and is a great place to come to work every day – it’s a real talking point with clients and visitors.”

Temple Studios & Temple 1852

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