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Isn’t afraid to take on the seemingly impossible to make big dreams real!

We are deep-tech innovators that love solving problems and getting products to market in new ways. Breaking out of tradition, and going against the flow yields extraordinary results. In pioneering industries such as advanced air mobility, there’s no script written for us, so we’re helping to write it! There’s no time to waste when helping reduce the footprints we all leave on our planet

Edita Chavez-Heredia, MMath (Hons). Software Engineer , Matt Banham, MSci. CTO & Founder & Simon Brown, CEng. CEO

TEKTowr was formed in late 2018, and has grown a diverse customer base including digital factory operations. A call for small and medium enterprises to help accelerate innovation in the UK’s future flight programme came in 2020, just as aviation took its worst downturn in decades. With our previous expertise working in software safety and cloud application development in airports, air traffic control and automotive, the team wasted no time bidding and winning two major projects to help the industry build back better.

Our team have spent decades working in safety-critical industries, working on some of the biggest challenges to bring innovation to where it is needed – increasing safety, reducing delays, building resilience into critical national infrastructure. Engineering a better future by applying cutting edge science and computing capability, never compromising on safety or security, and delivering sustainably. We know we can always do better and we never shy away from the problems that usually land in the “too difficult” pile

Do you consider your organization an innovator or an innovation enabler? Why? What role has innovation played in your organization?

TEKTowr brings innovative ways to deliver – we are free-thinking and more importantly, unconstrained to create. We take a hands-on approach to solving problems and are constantly challenging ourselves to find the best ways to do things. Our mission is engineering at its most fundamental – rigorous application of scientific principles to create sustainable solutions that delight our customers and benefit society.

“From the very first meeting TEKTowr went straight to work - both with our data and coming up with original ideas that fit well with both our long-term vision and short-term goals for 2021. Whilst it’s early days, I’m looking forward to a productive partnership between our organisations.”

- Chris Farmer - IT Director, Transcend

For the Future Flight programme, we are working with Heathrow airport, International Airlines Group (owners of British Airways) and NATS (the UK’s air traffic control organisation) on a project called Fly2Plan – to prove a new aviation data system-of-systems which is efficient, scalable and trustworthy for the future. We’re using blockchain to help retire the legacy systems and ways of working introduced from the days of the teletypewriter. We are also working on a simulation digital twin – SIMTwin – providing a machine-learning powered software as a service marketplace, enabling collaborative design. It uses the same technology that underpins games such as Fortnite, to bring immersive, realistic experiences to the planning submission process, to help accelerate approvals and protect today’s hard-won safety margins.

Together, these projects are helping established players harness new technology and also allow new entrants to aviation to collaborate, simulate and operate with assured safety and security.

Tim Ellis, 4D Architect

What can your organization do or be in your region that it could not do or be somewhere else?

Bath has a timeless quality to it – a city of imagination and innovation where science and art intersect. With the University and College attracting the brightest of minds, our doors are open for graduates that want to continue living their best life in Bath, and helping us bring a new future to the world. Here, engineering excellence and creative flair work hand-in-hand. Dare to dream big and we offer careers that will stretch and grow you in ways you never thought possible.

“The work we do at TEKTowr is innovative, ambitious and very interesting, and the team is great at overcoming the challenging bits together. But your wellbeing and professional development come first. Our directors are actively engaged in training each of us and helping us achieve our technical and interpersonal potential, so there isn’t any time to get bored. TEKTowr is a great place grow your career and meet some awesome people while you’re at it!”

- Edita Chavez-Heredia, Software Engineer, TEKTowr

Of course, if there’s one thing that Covid-19 has proven, is that we can work and source talent from anywhere. We are a cloud-native software engineering company, and we know that the best people can generally be found from anywhere. So we welcome applications from diverse backgrounds and locations in the UK, and we are proud to be an inclusive company that welcomes everyone as equals. Wherever you come from, we’re sure the alchemy of Bath will pull you in eventually!

Focus on milestones more than this year’s statistics alone. What are you most excited about going forward?

By the end of 2021, an additional 5 jobs will have been created, nearly doubling the company size. TEKTowr is helping to grow international recognition of aerospace sector capabilities in the Silicon Gorge, making Bath a high-tech contender in the region. We loved the imagery you see on these pages so much, we hired the creator, Tim Ellis to be our 4D Architect. We really can’t wait to see the future, and if you’re as keen to help build it as we are, why not talk to us and see if we’re the right company for you to work in or work with.


Piccadilly House, London Road, Bath
BA1 6PL United Kingdom

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